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You’ve been reading about making $5k per panty & you have $ signs in your head

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Pssst! Girl…over here!

Yeah, you. Come hither.
We need to talk, woman to woman.
A little birdie told me you’re thinking of selling your panties online. You’ve been reading about the girl who says she made $5k on one pair, watching Piper & Co cashing out on Felonious Spunk, and you have dollar signs dancing in your head.

We’ve all heard the stories.
I can’t believe this needs to be said in 2017, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
You need to get your panties out of the clouds and come back to Earth. Panty selling requires time and effort in order to pay off, just like anything else in life.

Ask yourself two questions – Why am I motivated to do this, and how hard am I willing to work? If the words “easy” or “fast” come to mind, then I’m talking directly to you.

I chose panty selling as my side hustle for 5 reasons; it’s fun and lighthearted, I’m my own boss, really low overhead, I can do it sitting around in my underwear, and I get off on the idea of men getting off on my scent.

Notice none of those is because it’s “easy.”

Here’s what you *CAN* expect if you start selling your panties:
•    Timewasters - their sole intention is to get free pics or chat, with no intention of purchasing, ranging from harmless/lonely to creepy/mentally unstable.
•    Learn a lot about fetishes and kink
•    You’ll feel paranoid at the post office
•    Learn marketing skills
•    Some excessively demanding buyers.
•    Buyers who are true gentlemen.
•    Have your boundaries constantly pushed
•    To do LOT more shopping on Amazon
•    To feel self-conscious about whether others can smell your panties (for long wear).

Here’s what you *CAN’T* expect
•    *Stability*. It will be erratic, with rushes and dry spells with little discernable rhyme or reason. Sellers offering a wider variety of services and putting in more time are still subject to the ebbs and flows, though it’s less dramatic. I’m very part time and can go a couple weeks without an order, then be booked around the clock for a month. When I spend a few hours posting classifieds, it might be days or weeks before it actually pays off.
•    *A lot of cold hard cash for paying bills.* Most payment platforms aren’t anonymous or won’t support adult transactions. You’ll need to get creative and find workarounds with your gift cards. You’ll save money, but it’ll be indirect.

Lets be clear here. *You absolutely can make money if you put in time and effort.* Panty money paid for all my Christmas gifts last year, and most of my supplies for an international backpacking trip earlier this year. The most I’ve ever made on a single order was $175, and that was on 2 pairs of panties. I don’t know anybody making $500 day in and day out on panties, and the Cosmopolitan article about earning 5K selling one used panty was fabricated by the owner of a new panty site who desperately needed to drive himself attention.

If you’re in this strictly to treat buyers as ATM machines, think again. They will see right through you. You might get a sale or two, but they won’t be back, and it won’t be an enjoyable experience for either of you.

But if you’re in this for the right reasons and are willing to put forth time and effort, then…welcome!!

Miss Kinsey, selling used panties since 2015
Country: USA