Before you name yourself with a stage name, you should have a handle on the panty fetish niche.
Please understand that your prospective customers are likely to look for discretion, privacy and professionalism, so incorporating a real name into your fetish business is a great way to achieve all this and lend a personal touch, even if it's not your real name. We would in fact recommend that you do not use your real name at all.

We no longer accept these duplicates stage names: Belle/Bella, Lexi/Lexy, Rose/Rosa, Ruby, Lily/Lilly, Lacey, Candy, Angel, Bambi, Princess, Summer, Honey, Kitten, Creamy, Baby, Blondie, Scarlette/Scarlett, Amore/Amour.
These names are overused and confuse buyers, furthermore your fetish business won't stand out in a market saturated with similar names.

We recommend combing an original person's name and a second name, for example: Anna Violette, Sammy Andria, Penny Starr, Stella Lloyd, Silvy France, Alexandria Harris, etc. (please don't use these actual stage names as they are taken!)

We do no accept numbers, descriptions or sentences as member stage names, for examples: Sandy68, Sniff My Panties, Little Flower, Panty Princess, Dirty Little Girl, Posh Thong, Busy Panty Mummy, etc. are not suitable for this platform because here at Panty Trust you are a person, not a thing, a sentence or a digit.