Amanda Little

  From the UK Hello! They call me Little Bear because I'm small and cute but wild too!  Ex-gymnast, super flexible, love to get super hot and sweaty in the gym.

About Me: I'm Amanda Little, AKA Little Bear because I'm a naughty little animal

I’m a blonde haired and blue eyed 26 year old, if you saw me in the street you’d have no idea what I get up behind closed doors and I absolutely love that! It’s like I live a double life; to the outside world I’m a vanilla, innocent office worker and student, but then to those on the inside I’m a naughty little animal, and knowing that really makes me hot.

I would never have described myself as a sexually expressive person, but that’s why I love this world so much! It has finally allowed me to explore my sexuality in a way I had never thought about before, I kind of love the anonymity of it- it makes me so hot thinking about you, someone I’ve never met before getting pleasure out of my items with my unique scent. I can feel myself getting turned on now thinking about it, and I have plenty of toys to relieve myself which I can then share with you.

I’m a naturally sweaty person with quite a strong scent perfect for foot and panty fetishes, but to add to that I am a qualified yoga teacher and ex-gymnast who loves to go to the gym most days, so my panties will be twisted and stretched and reach every crevasse, while my socks will be absolutely soaked through with my delicious sweat. I’m extremely flexible and my clothing gets tested during my yoga sessions; my poor panties have to endure splits and backbends and stretches you haven’t even thought of, so they deserve to then go on to a loving home ? The crazy thing is I actually used to be self-conscious of how much I sweat but now I know how much people love it and get pleasure from it that it’s changed my whole outlook.

My figure is petite with curves, I have a small waist and my breasts are a modest and perky B, however my ass is voluptuous (aka huge!), I get compliments on it all the time and definitely think it is one of my best features! As an ex-gymnast my feet have the perfect point and can make some pretty interesting shapes, they’re a size 5 and get pampered every week with a foot mask and scrub.

I’m just getting started in this world and am excited to expand my sexual horizons and find the fetishes that give both me and you the ultimate pleasure! So come to me with your innermost desires and lets see if there’s something we can do to satisfy them. I’m a busy woman who works full time but I will always reply as quick as I can and be upfront with you if there’s something I cannot do. At my core I’m an open and honest person so please feel free to share your requests with me- you might even help me find a new fetish myself. In the meantime enjoy browsing my store, I’m sure you’ll find something that gets you going!

What I Sell
Used Socks and Foot Fetish items

Used Pantyhose and Stockings

Used Panties

Used Sex Toys

Used gym clothing

I accept
: BACS Payments (UK only)

Cash into bank account (UK only)

Amazon gift vouchers

Other gift vouchers (to be negotiated at point of sale)

My Shipping Terms: In order to protect us both, items are shipped First Class Signed for Royal Mail (UK only), meaning that you will receive your order 1-2 days from the date of dispatch and the order can be tracked. That being said I understand that discretion is important so if you would prefer the item not be tracked please let me know and of course I will oblige. Any waiting times will be discussed before the sale is completed to give you the option of whether to go ahead or not.

My Refund Policy: As each item is prepared and worn to order, I cannot except refund requests; it would be like trying to return a one of a kind piece of art! However I want you to be completely happy with the experience so please let me know if something is not to your satisfaction so that we can rectify it.

My Lost Parcel Policy: As the postal service is not always 100% reliable, I do prefer to track items to ensure that this does not happen. However if it does, please let me know and I will investigate, and send a replacement if necessary.

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