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 From the UK Hi - I'm Anais Il Rosso. I'm a bisexual curvy little redhead, with long, auburn hair, green eyes and a thicc behind ;)

Hi - I'm Anais Il Rosso. I'm a bisexual curvy little redhead, with long, auburn hair, green eyes and a thicc behind ;)

About me:

I love all things fetish and the thought of sending you my worn panties really turns me on. I love lingerie and stockings, and I would love even more to share those with you.

My sex drive is huge, so I am constantly looking for new ways to pleasure myself. I have a large collection of vibrators and dildos. I'm sure once I've sent your items, my toys will be put to good use. And if you've bought sex toys from me, believe me, I will have got the most out of them.

I'm a findom, fetish artist and erotic short story writer by day. If you are interested in becoming my finsub, buying art or would like to commission a story, please let me know and we can have an open-minded conversation about what you're looking for. But for now, enjoy my used knickers, stockings and sex toys...

I am already well versed in the fetish world, but this is a new venture for me, so I'm both incredibly open minded and a tad shy. But also super excited by the idea of being able to send fetish items out to people who will take as much pleasure from them as I had wearing them. Being able to share fantasies is one thing, but knowing I've physically sent my pleasure out into the world is such a turn on. I love the thought of my dirty knickers and sex toys giving someone else pleasure too. It turns me on so much. I love stockings - I rarely wear tights just because I don't get the same buzz as I do when I'm out in the world being "sensible" but knowing I'm wearing sexy underwear underneath my clothes. That said, I have a thing for tights ripped at the crotch... But I also love fancy dress, so I have some cosplay fantasies too.

As I've said, my sex drive is through the roof - I've been told that's a bisexual trait, but I think I pleasure myself more than most bisexuals. Every piece of artwork I produce, even the non-fetish pieces, I will regularly get turned on by and my sex toys come in so so useful at such times. That's why one of my payment methods is my Love Honey wishlist. I just can't get enough. And experimentation is the name of the game, right? I'm happy to take suggestions too!

I'm also a dom. I'm a gentle dom. I'm a dom that fulfills a certain need. A starter dom, if you will. I love being in control, I love my finsubs, I love me some pussy and ass worship, I love pegging, and I will ease you into these things, if you need that. But I am the gateway drug to full domination. So if you're just starting to fulfil those fantasies you've had for a long time, but you're still unsure, I'm the woman for you! That's a separate conversation we can have when we trust each other. For now, buy my items, enjoy them, ask me for what you want. I'm an open book!

I'm not just all sex, though. I love a good conversation and, at the risk of being a turn off, but in the interest of transparency... I'm an absolute geek. So, whilst I am more than happy to talk filth, I will happily chat for hours about pro wrestling, videogames, board games, books, graphic novels, comics, films, pop science, physics, podcasts, and astronomy... And, naturally, the sexier side of those things where they exist. 

One of my plus points is versatility - if I've not listed what you want, let me know and we can have a frank and non-judgemental chat about what you want! I may be geeky, I may be a "girl next door" type, but i am also filth incarnate. 

Enjoy me!

What I sell:

Used Panties
Pantyhose and stockings
Socks and foot fetish items
Used Sex Toys

Please contact me so we can agree what you want from your item before sending payment.

My T&C:

I accept: BACS Bank Transfer (preferred) or Amazon vouchers. You can also treat me and buy me items from my Amazon or Love Honey wishlists.

My Shipping Terms: I will ship within 2-4 working days of the end of the wear period - I will keep you posted on the progress of your item and let you know as soon as it's been shipped. 

My Refund Terms: Due to the nature of the items, I can't issue refunds - however, if you have any issues, let me know and we can work together to come to some sort of arrangement that suits us both.

My Lost Parcel Terms: If your parcel doesn't arrive, please let me know and we can work out a sensible solution.

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