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I was reading a Cosmopolitan article on selling used panties....

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Last Fall (2016) I was on the treadmill reading a Cosmopolitan articles when I saw an article on selling used panties and the woman being interviewed was talking about how much money this fetish was paying her. Even tho the Cosmo article seemed a bit surreal, I was intrigued that a guy would pay money for used panties. And I also was a little excited at the prospect (who knew I had a kinky side?).
After some research, I found the Panty Trust community. My application was accepted and after verification I was off on my new journey of selling my panties.


I was nervous the first week. Would a guy actually buy my panties? How much would he pay for them? How do I protect my privacy? Would any of the guys be rude? These are normal questions for any new panty seller. The Panty Trust community forum is a wealth of information that can answer any question you have and provide good support. I will share my experience and I hope it helps those new to the fetish.

There are real guys with a panty fetish that will kindly pay for service. It took me about 2 weeks before I got my first sale. I advertise about 20 – 30 panties and promote myself on twitter. This results in about 6-8 panty sales a month with an average purchase price of $35-50. The typical customer usually ads onto the order an extra day of wear and masturbation with the panty. After shipping and panty expenses the return is about $25-40 a panty.

Therefore, it is reasonable to earn about $250 month just posting ads for used panties. If you are willing to put in the time to start a website advertising your products or offer other services like email, phone, or webcam chat then it is possible to earn more. Just stay true to your boundaries and don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable with because this is supposed to be fun!

It is important to protect your privacy and to be safe. A lot of the guys are nice and it is fun to support their fetish. But the Internet is full of weirdos and manipulators too. Turn off location finder on your photos on your phone. Make sure when you take pictures to hide any personal identifying information in the background and don’t give out too many unique personal details over email.

Never meet up with a customer or give out your home address. If a customer is rude or a time waster report him on the Panty Trust forum and block his email.

There are many articles on the Internet that boast about the thousands of dollars per month some panty sellers are making. These articles are bogus, I soon learned that the Cosmo article that got me interested was made up by Sophia Gray owner to get media attention. In fact the whole Sophia Gray site is a massive fraud and all their sellers end up on Panty Trust where they can actually receive help to get started.

I have found the experience enjoyable and an extra few hundred dollars a month in my Amazon Prime gift card balance is plenty to buy extra items around the house or presents for my loved ones.

Good luck on your journey in this fetish business!

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