Franky Dixon

I'm Franky, a cheeky fiery red head who adores the scent of used pants A petite size 8 I love to keep my body in shape, so getting sweaty in the gym is a must.

I'm Franky, a cheeky fiery red head who adores the scent of used pants. A petite size 8 I love to keep my body in shape, so getting sweaty in the gym is a must.

About me:

Hello there my lovelies. 

Firstly, let me introduce myself,  I'm Franky, a cheeky fiery red head who adores the scent of used pants, and dream that mine can give you the same pleasure as others do to me. A petite size 8 I love to keep my body in shape, so getting sweaty in the gym is a must. Not only does this allow me to work on my figure, but also develop an even deeper knowledge of my own body to know exactly how far it can be pushed.

I spend my days disciplining as a teacher, so at night, I elate in being able to let out my naughty side. Geek to the core, I delight in any opportunity to learn, whether this be about my beloved history, or about myself and what it is that brings me pleasure. Being dominant by profession means that I relish the chance to relinquish control and act submissive, adoring being called a good girl and making people happy, so to know that I can delight you gives me such true pleasure.

The past year I have had the thrill of being able to truly discover my kinky side, exploring all things deliciously filthy and playful, enjoying the delights of sex clubs, BDSM and fetish. One of my personal favourites is used underwear, with its smell, feel and taste igniting all of my senses and driving me wild, especially after my pert bottom has had a well-deserved flogging, even I can’t behave all the time. As all good subs should though, I am always aiming to please and will consider any unique requests to make you happy.

Being clean shaven is a must as I adore the way it allows my knickers the chance to explore where they shouldn't, leaving you with the most fragrant and juicy garments possible. However, please do not think I am limited to just my well-worn panties. Dressing up is something that has always turned me on, especially the sensual feel of lingerie or the naughtiness of wearing hosiery with no knickers, and would love to share these items with you. As with any mischievous girl though, there always has to be a good side, with my cute innocent socks being worn for as long as you like to ensure they are as filthy and pungent as possible.

If you have any other little extras that would satisfy you, please do tell, as letting people know how I have got my knickers so creamy, or sending pictures of myself only add to feed my exhibitionist nature, though unfortunately, I can’t offer you any pictures of my pretty face, so this is something that I will have to leave to your imagination.  Please feel free though to push my boundaries and test my limits, creativity is such an attractive feature, so let me know about your fetish, and  I will see what I can do to make it happen.

I wait with anticipation to hear from you,

Franky xx


What I sell:

Used Panties

Used Socks

Used Hosiery

Bras and Lingerie

Used Sex Toys

I always love to try something a little different, so if there is anything a special you would like, then please just ask. 


My T&C:

I accept:

I accept BACs payment, but unfortunately this is for UK customers only. I will also gladly receive amazon vouchers and other online shopping voucher, though please always ensure that these are in £s. 

My Shipping Terms:

All of your items will be sealed in a ziplocked bag to help preserve their unique fragrance and nature. This will then be discreetly packaged and sent with a handwritten label, though if you require printed or any other specifics, then please just let me know.

The cost of all items are inclusive of first class UK postage, and I will always endeavor to send these to 1-2 days after wear, however I will keep you up to date with your purchases progress. If you wish for an upgraded service such as tracked, or your package will need to be sent internationally, please let me know so we can discuss pricing. 

My Refund Terms:

Due to the personalised unique nature of the product, refunds are unfortunately not always possible. If you are not completely satisfied however, please get in touch and I will be happy to help resolve the issue. 

My Lost Parcel Terms:
The easiest and simplest way by far to stop to your package going missing is by opting for tracking with your shipping, however, if something doesn't arrive, let me know and we can arrange a solution                                                                                                               


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