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Lady Mia

I do my own sexy clips, photos, I sell panties, stockings, etc. In adult industry for years.

About Me: I do my own sexy clips, photos, I sell panties, stockings, etc. In adult industry for years.

I'm 30+ years old, I'm sexy business-woman with long dark hair, green eyes and kinky nature. I run company and I'm sexy boss to bunch of people. Through the day I work mostly in an office and I'm meeting customers.

I love to wear sexy lingerie under my office outfit. I like to think how bad you would love to take off my skirt to see, touch, smell my pretty panties. I bet you would like to worship my feet thru my nylons, or even without them. I often go to gym, I run and I do yoga also.

My hobbies are books, dogs and doing kinky stuff (eg. selling undies, webcamming, public cums, slave training, etc.)

I have very exhibitionist nature, but at my work I have to behave like a boss. Showing myself on Internet is my way to let my kinky nature fly and fulfill my fantasies.

If you are into real woman I'm sure you gonna love me now and forever. I'm not teen anymore and I know well what I want from life. I also know what you may need from me. And I'm sure I can give you that.


Mia's INFO

  • Age - 30+
  • Height - 155 cm or 5'1
  • Weight - 53 kg or 117 lbs
  • Panties Size - S/M
  • Bra Size - 75 DD or 34 DD 
  • Top Size - L
  • Shoe Size - 38EU or 5UK or 7US
  • Hair - long, dark
  • Eyes - green
  • Zodiac - 100% LEO 
  • Muff - hmm.. it's changing. I can be clean shaven, nicely trimmed, but sometimes I just let my pubes grow wild ;)


  • Food - fresh and juicy salad and fruits.. but I won't say NO to rare or medium steak
  • Drink - champagne, whiskey and coke, about non-alco I love coffee and good earl grey tea, and just still water with squeezed lemons and grapefruits 
  • Scent - (beside the panties scent of course) - fresh cut grass, warm rain in a sun, sea breeze in the morning
  • Perfume - Chanel Chance, Cerruti 1881, YSL Black Opium, The One D&G

Let me know what are you looking for.

What I Sell
PantyHose and Stockings
Used Panties
Bras and Lingerie
Socks and Foot Fetish items
Mistress Assignments
Used Sex Toys

I accept
: Amazon Gift Cards, Other online Gift Cards, 

Shipping Terms:

I ship worldwide. 

I'm using vacuum sealer to preserve my amazing scents and juices. I will send them to you in a discreet envelope so only you and me will know what's inside. Text on envelope is only the address. 

I'm making photo to every single packed order and I'm sending you picture so you know how it will look like. 

I'm posting package the same day when I took off my panties/nylons/etc.

Ireland and UK standard shipping free of charge (can ship with tracking number for 5 euro).

Worldwide standard shipping - 5 euro (can ship with tracking number for 10 euro)

Refund Policy:

If there would be any issue with missing package or you wouldn't be happy with your order, please contact me.
I'm taking your pleasure seriously, so I really care about happy ending ;)

Lost Parcel Policy:

If you choose shipping with tracking number there is almost ZERO possibility your package can get lost.
If you choose standard shipping and if your package would not arrive to you (that never happen to me before) please contact me and I'll do my best to solver problem. 



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