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Glamour Magazine UK printed an article featuring a used panty seller called ‘Sarah’...

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Glamour Magazine UK printed an article by careers advisor Tanya de Grunwald called SL (Easy) Money? featuring a used panty seller called ‘Sarah’.
Plenty of girls have been taken in by the article though.

I have received numerous emails in the last few weeks from girls keen to set up their own used panty selling ‘business’.  And who could blame them?
The article, entitled ‘SL (Easy) Money?’, states that it is possible to earn £500 from just half a day’s work. I can assure them it is not true.

There is a lot more to it than simply popping to Primark on a Saturday morning, picking up 10 pairs of their cheapest panties, listing them on general commercial classified (which you can’t), selling them all for £50 a pop (which you won’t), and posting them off in a jiffy bag (all in half a day?).

Each pair of panties has to be bought, photographed, edited, uploaded onto the website/auction site, emails have to be answered, websites have to be maintained, extra photos taken, panties packaged up, trips to the post office… That doesn’t even include the time speaking to buyers, confirming their orders, arranging payment, keeping them updated, flirting…

The time commitment is massive and it would be ludicrous to suggest that all this was possible in half a day. Then there’s the claim of selling them all for £50 a pair. If the journalist bothered to do some research on the internet she would have learned that this simply doesn't happen. You might get lucky once is a while, but look around, we all sell our used panties for around £25 per pair, don't you think we would sell them for £50 if we could?

If you calculated how much potential money one sale makes, you really wouldn’t do it for anything other than the love of it.

This leads me on to the fact that I am also upset, frustrated and angry by the general acceptance of used panty girls being lying cheap mercenaries who find what they do “gross”.  I quote the journalist when she was asked to comment: A reader letter in new August issue praises @GlamourMagUK for a balanced piece.  What balance?

‘Sarah’ is quoted as saying  “ Its pretty gross that men will pay good money for my used panties. I don’t want to think about what they do with them” [her panties]. A lot of buyers like to wear our panties, does this what grosses Sarah out? is she implying that men who wear women’s underwear are gross? Where is the balance? This is just plain intolerance.

Further more she ‘exaggerates’ (deliberately lies to buyers!?) about the condition of her wear. Does she even wear the panties? It does not sound like it!

It’s not OK to lie to panty  buyers (or people in general), it’s not OK to mislead and deceive buyers, its not OK to humiliate them, calling them gross,  its not OK to be dishonest, its not OK to think panty buyers are stupid.
Sarah is exactly why Panty Trust exists, to make sure panty buyers are treated fairly, with respect, dignity, honestly, professionally, and not like a cash dispenser. 
Sarah is everything that panty buyers and the community hate and want to avoid.

If you are planning on selling used panties, don’t be a Sarah, Sarah is a despicable individual, show buyers respect, they will respect you back, treat them like meat, they will do the same, and this is the risk the article is exposing their readers to.

This is an appalling, misleading and irresponsible piece of journalism, misrepresenting girls I know who sell their panties, and allowing struggling students to think its OK to lie and treat people the way Sarah does. Shame on you Glamour Magazine. Shame on you Sarah. I personally love to imagine what my buyers get up to with my panties; it’s part of the turn on, part of the fetish. If a seller isn’t in it for the right reasons they’ll soon give up trying and will vanish, very often with buyers’ cash.

We do it for own pleasure, to embrace our own sexuality and femininity, and of course because we like to spend our honest-hard-earned cash on new shoes!

SL(Easy) Money? It really isn’t.

Lying to people? It really isn’t OK.

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Nikki, selling used panties since 2009, now retired
Country: UK