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Panty Selling as the fast lane to big cash? More like a fun hobby with some pocket money!

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Picture the scene, a woman in her early thirties, fairly newly single, glass of wine in hand (indulge me, this won’t take long, I promise). Bored of the seemingly endless dating app messages comprising of ‘heyyyyy’ and not much else she’s mindlessly scrolling through the internet, when an article grabs her eye… someone selling their panties for $1000 a piece!

Unsurprisingly, I was that woman scrolling through the internet in the middle of the night with a glass of wine for company. I’m a cynical sort, and have been involved in a few fetish communities over the years, so it was easy for me to write this article off as a piece of journalistic nonsense. What the article did succeed in doing was planting that seed…I could do that.

Fast forward a few days and I had thoroughly researched all that Panty Trust had to offer. For me it was becoming a no-brainer, and money had nothing to do with it. I wanted a diversion from the conversations with dating site men who I’m pretty sure did not look anything like their photo, and something to do with my free time other than binging Netflix. I also wanted the opportunity to express myself and my sexuality, in a safe, anonymous environment. A couple of weeks later I was a fully-fledged verified member. I was a Panty Seller!

While I went into it with my eyes open with regards to whether or not I would make my fortune, I was surprised at how much work goes in to doing this successfully. I’m running a business. You get out of it what you put in. Writing adverts takes time, then there’s taking and editing photos for them. I wanted to indulge my exhibitionist side a bit more, so I offer sets of photos…more time taking and editing. Plus the custom photo shoots and videos that need preparing for, because I take pride in what I do and want my buyers to be happy with what I do for them (then the taking and editing…you get the point!) Of course I need to actually wear the panties on top of that, but that’s fairly straightforward.

There is also the unpredictable nature of the business to contend with. Just because you post your adverts is no guarantee that someone is going to be interested in buying them. It’s important not to take it personally. There’s the time wasters who are just looking for a freebie, a chat, or those that are making all the right noises then vanish into the ether. It’s not all plain sailing.

Despite all of the above, if you go into the business with your eyes open it can be a really enjoyable experience. I’m glad I joined the Panty Trust community when I did. The support for new and existing sellers is phenomenal, and the advice indispensable. I love what I do. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a glass of wine to drink and some photos to take….

Rose Carter, selling her panties since 2018
Country: UK