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Sabrina More

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  • Age: 35
  • Country: Spain 🇪🇸
  • Email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Queue: No Queue

Mediterranean inside and outside: I'm a spicy and a bit crazy brunette in Spain, with a lot of horny secrets to confess you.

About me:

When I began to masturbate, as a little girl, rubbing up on a pillow, I immediately got addicted to the fragrance I left on the wet sheet every time. I sank my face in it letting me inebriate. That was the very beginning of my naughtiness: it kept growing and growing, and made me the playful kinky woman I am happy to be now. I'm constantly diving in erotic fantasies or in real sex adventures.

Maybe you would not expect it if you meet me in the street. I appear like a tiny and delicate woman (tiny but with a delightfully rounded ass), a bit intellectual and arty and maybe even a but naive...

In reality, I'm a wild dirty one exploring sensorial experiences: the scent of my juice spreading secretly in the room during a work meeting, the fragrance in my fingers after playing with myself and not washing my hands all day, the goosebumbs on my skin after being flogged, the burn of the hot wax dripping on me slowly...

♥ I'm here because I'm looking for new playmates to invite to my horny playground ♥

I have quite a juicy pussy which can get really a lot wet. When I was a teenager I was often ashamed about how much wet I was, but now I’m quite proud of it and even a bit exhibitionist :-)

I work in an art gallery that exhibits mostly erotic illustrations -more horny thoughts then!-, I go to the gym 3 times every week, and I mostly move by bicycle. You can imagine: my panties, my pantyhose and my stockings undoubtedly smell like female sex at the end of the day...  I often suspect that the guy in front of me in the queue at the supermarket can smell my aroma in the air (and I enjoy it). 

I adore the sensation of power I feel when a man gets aroused by my scent and fluids, or by my voice telling hot stories. Everybody tell me I have a sweet sexy voice. Especially English natives get horny with my accent when I speak English... And this makes me crazy because I love dirty talking and sexy tales! 

Would you like I tell you my naughty thoughts ?

I will be delighted to record them and email you the audio files. It turns me on.

You can also choose an erotic tale and I will to read it for you, or I can pick up one of my favorite ones. I can send you the first short one as a gift, let's see if you get tempted ;-)

I’m a lively and saucy type, and I like to wear colorful clothes, panties and stockings. Colors make me feel good, and more playful! Life is about colors and exploration and enjoyment! Sometimes I also wear classic lingerie, especially black, which fits nicely with my brown skin. 

And I have a lot of fun playing with different outfits and sexy characters, as you can see in the pics. I have a vivid fantasy and lots of erotic scenarios in my mind. Would you to know what my favorite are? 

For example I adore to go work in the art gallery dressed as a hot intellectual: glasses, shirt and very tight skirt to the knees, you can foresee my naughtiness from my sexy fishnet stockings.

Another game I like sometimes is dressing up as a man. I actually look nice in male underwear, so if you feel tempted by this option, just ask!

Sometimes, but not always, I enjoy to dominate my playmates giving them instructions as a domina: knowing they are submitted to my wish blows my slutty imagination.

Since I was a little girl, one of my favorite ways to enjoy myself is rubbing up on a pillow, leaving it wet and sweetly smelly after I come. I'm often very horny (especially some hot lazy afternoons here in Spain, when it's siesta time), and I start again playing with myself right after coming... and I come again on the same pillow. Would you like to sink your face in my pillow case, and have a wet dream with happy ending?

What I sell:

Worn Panties 

Worn Stockings and Pantyhose 

Worn Socks

Pillow cases I use to rub my pussy on when I play with myself 

Voice recordings: I tell you my horny adventures and thoughts I have in the days I wear things for you

Domina instructions if you want to play submissive with me (I can send them as voice recording if you like)


My T&C:

I accept

Cash deposited into bank account (in Spain and US),

Amazon vouchers (and occasionally gift cards from my favorite shops) - mostly on - 

Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoins and Etherum

NO Paypal

Please contact me before doing any payment, so we can agree on the terms and be both happy 

My Shipping Terms: Items will be carefully packed for you in a zip bag to keep the freshness of the fragrance, with a handwritten letter for you, and discretely put in a standard envelop to keep everything as anonymous as possible for both of us. You can choose if you want the sender anonymous or if you prefer that a fake address is written. I will start to prepare them for you immediately after receiving the payment (when the money actually arrives), and I will mail it out 1 business day from when it is ready for you. 

Voice recordings and videos can be emailed to your email address (the one you prefer) or via WhatsApp. 

Standard shipping (no tracked) in Europe is free and delivery will take between 4 and 8 days. Trucked and certified shipping in Europe is available with an additional fee of 5 euros (7 for the pillow cases). If you prefer a special courier, like DHL, please ask me and I will be happy to inform you about the fees. 

For overseas shipping (US and others), certified shipping through normal post office costs 8 USD but can take up to 3 weeks. I recommend UPS or DHL instead. Please ask about shipping prices as it varies depending on location and package size.

My Refund Terms: Your enjoyment is very important to me, if you are unsatisfied about something please contact me and we will work out the best solution for both of us. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this product, I can't offer refund. 

My Lost Parcel Terms: I can't make myself responsible if a parcel gets lost in the mail. Tracking is a highly recommended option. If you choose it, I will send you the tracking number and a pic of the certified card, so you can follow the delivery. If you choose the untracked shipping instead, I will send you a pic of the parcel when I take it to the post office. Please make sure you give your correct and complete address to avoid problems with delivery.                                                                          


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  • Comment Link J Thursday, 11 June 2020 02:36 posted by J

    What an amazing girl!
    Great service, alluring voice, and a dirty mind!
    Ordering an audio and sharing a fantasy with her will blow your mind!

  • Comment Link Simon Tuesday, 24 March 2020 14:38 posted by Simon

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sabrina was amazing even from before i placed the order. She was really engaging and helpful and the service she offered was just fantastic. A really fun and friendly person and delivers the most amazing panties!!! First class! Thank you, Sabrina. :-)

  • Comment Link Justin Saturday, 07 March 2020 18:02 posted by Justin

    Absolutely enjoyed by communication with Sabrina.
    Sweet, smooth and pleasant.
    Satisfied with my order 100%

  • Comment Link Jaz Wednesday, 12 February 2020 13:42 posted by Jaz

    "Very sexy and smelly panty!
    Nice communication with Sabrina"

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