I have an opening to become one of my special little foot slaves.

I simply adore my heavenly feet being worshiped, by my precious pets.

By accepting this contract, you will receive 1 pair of my yummy, delicious socks, 5 emails (that may include photos, if you are worthy) a 30 minute Skype session, where I will personally instruct you as to what you will do with my socks & you will have the exclusive opportunity, to be on your knees, worshiping my feet. I will tease you with my tantalizing toes & my sexy arches.

Socks will be vacuumed sealed while they are still damp with sweat. I want you sucking every last drop out of them, while I watch.

If you have any questions or requests, email me...sexxximilf68@gmail.com
I ship oversea
Pay me with: Amazon Vouchers
No PayPal
Country: US
Price: $100
Postage & Shipping: N/A
Country: USA
Email: sexxximilf68@gmail.com
Become Mistress Kimberly's Foot SlaveBecome Mistress Kimberly's Foot SlaveBecome Mistress Kimberly's Foot Slave