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These #dirtysocks come up to my knees and I like to wear them on long walks to keep my legs warm, they can be very smelly by the time I get home.
Once they were so wet I had to peel them off my feet one at a time..I wonder if you'd like them like that?
Just peeled, still smelling like me after a long sweaty walk..

I'll wear them for 48hrs without showering, but I can wear them for a lot longer, just ask! x

They also come with one photo of me wearing them per day of wear. If you would like extra photos, again, just ask! :)

*Please add £5 for each of the following:

*Each extra day(s) of wear
*Sweaty workouts

*I'm open to all extras so please email me x

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Postage & Shipping: These scented socks will be sent to you, for free, by standard post anywhere in the world or with a tracking number for £5.

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Dirty Knee SocksDirty Knee Socks