'I read I can make $5000 selling a single pair of my used panties, is this true?'

Sorry to disappoint, but this is a scam.

'I made 50.000$ in a year'
'I sell my used panties and make 2.000$ a week'
'I was able to afford a luxury car' etc etc ....

These are nothing but unfounded claims and empty promises made by questionable people/websites on the internet attempting to persuade unsuspecting sellers to subscribe, or to gain media attention. Yes, even the media falls for this fantasy regularly.
 .... unless you are as famous as Shakira of course, in which case you can name your price.

So how much money can I make selling my dirty panties?

It is difficult to anticipate how much a seller can potentially earn, ultimately it comes down to her efforts and commitment. But we can confirm that our buyers are willing to pay for a pair of used panties, is anything between $20 and $100 depending on the length of wear.

Members who are eager to earn invest time in preparing marketing material, modeling new panties, stocking up their panty stores, adding classifieds, blogging, taking photos, making videos, chatting on Twitter and arrange competitions.
This level of commitment leads to more orders and sometime long waiting lists.

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