Genuine panty sellers are debunking used panties selling myths published on magazines & tabloids. "Get real" they say!



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Panty selling is a huge fetish - so many people like sniffing, tasting, masturbating in and wearing all those different sexy styles of panties. You would think because there are so many facets to panty selling that the sellers would be making a lot of money, the reality of panty selling however is quite the opposite...

Panty selling has been portrayed in the media as something that is easy to do - What is more easy then putting on your underwear, wearing it all day and then have someone buy those dirty pants, it even saves on you washing... Doesn’t it?

Well, the reality is a lot more complex...

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 21:33

News: Sing to Me happy birthday!

October is My Birthday Month.
A lady's age is a secret but as a hint- its a milestone (ish). Of course will be expecting the usual wishlist items to trickle in and random gifts but I thought I would offer something back to my adoring panty lovers, old and maybe new.

News:  I have now set up some lovely panty plans for panty lovers.

I have 3 plans available at the moment, each with a sweet smelling pair of my panties a month posted directly to you. The plans mean you make a considerable saving on my delights, compared to single orders.

Joining the Panty club also means you save on any extra buying you may desire while in the club, think of the savings on lovely picture sets, custom clips and yet more panties!

At the end of the clubs there are savings for re-applying and the longer plans have FREE gifts.

I still desire to hear how my lovely panties are being used or abused.

Panties are posted out in a discrete white padded envelopes.
More information is available on the panty club area of my website!panty-club/h86hj

I look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, 05 October 2015 16:48



October is my Birthday I thought what better way to celebrate then with a panty & sock sale!
This Whole Month I will be offering a special deal....£10 for me to send out some panties or thongs, you can requests either panties or thongs but that may take the fun out of the surprise random element.
This is for 24 hours wear and FREE masturbation & stuffing, which is more then half off my normal price for the same intense scent.
Socks are the same.....more then half the normal price for 2 day wear (no over night wear), for only £5 a pair.

All Items come in a plain envelope with a handwritten note and in a re-sealable bag
2 pics will be sent of me in the item(s), with a pic of proof of posting emailed over if requested.
I will still offer extras at my usual rates on top.So email for details or more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check out the classified on them.

Friday, 05 April 2013 02:26


 From the UK I was introduced to panty selling a few years ago now and love everything to do with used panties and dominating the panty subs