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I masturbate every other day on average and always after a photo session of myself! Posing sexy definitely turns me on..

About Me: I masturbate every other day on average and always after a photo session of myself! Posing sexy definitely turns me on..

Hello there, stranger! My name is Nora and I like to smile!
I'm a petite Norwegian girl in my late twenties, born and raised in Oslo, Norway.
I'm 162 cm short and weigh 50 kg.
I have natural dark blonde hair and blue eyes.
I have small tits and a round butt, and a really nice time glass-shaped figure.
I'm kinky and there's a lot that turns me on.
Smell is important to me and I choose my lovers according to this.
The thought of strangers enjoying the scent of my used panties actually turns me on!
I've had previous lovers say that they particularly love the smell of my vagina,
quote “you smell like a flower”.

I love my life and my curious nature allows me to experience so many fun things;) I like the thought of people watching pictures/videos of me when I'm naked or masturbate and I fantasize about having sex with a complete stranger. I also have a thing for using penis-shaped objects as dildos, like deodorants, my electric toothbrush, kitchen utensils etc.

I masturbate every other day on average and always after a photo session of myself! Posing sexy definitely turns me on.. I do yoga quite often so there's a big chance that I've sweated in them. You can of course ask if you want to be sure:)

I primarily sell used panties but I also take special requests for a small cost! I have a high limit of what I'm willing to do as long as it's anonymous and safe so don't be shy;) I respect people's fetishes and I'm of course discreet about everything. I won't share any information and I expect you to do the same.

All underwear are used for 24 hours.

Standard price for one set of panties: 22 USD


I can wear underwear for up to 3 days, 10 USD extra pr day.

I can masturbate in them for 8 USD extra.

I've worked in several stores for 8 years selling everything from vacuum cleaners to paint to TVs. I know how to make the customer happy;) Become a returning customer or a buyer of several panties (3+ bought products) and receive a free personal naked picture of me (no full face) however you'd like me;)

Love, Nora


What I Sell:

Used Panties

I accept:

Amazon Gift Cards

Shipping Terms:

5$ (USD)

I ship internationally with the Norwegian national postal service "Posten" directly translated to "The Post". 

Europe: 3-4 working days (Priority mail)

World: 4-8 working days (Priority mail)

I do not offer tracking as Posten only offer tracking within Norway.

I pack my products in a zip lock bag and I send them in a discreet envelope together with a personal note from me and one of my strands of hair.

Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of the products, I cannot accept refunds. If you are in some way unsatisfied, I will try to make it up to you in another way. I do aim to please my customer!

Lost Parcel Policy:

If your package got lost in the mail, we will discuss it together and come to an agreement that we're both satisfied with. 



  • Comment Link Tony Saturday, 17 August 2019 03:09 posted by Tony

    Hi Nora,
    I am interested in regularly buying your well worn gym panties. Please send me details on how much and bank details to transfer the money. I am in the UK.

    Many thanks,

  • Comment Link Sp Monday, 24 December 2018 05:51 posted by Sp

    Hi Nora would like to buy from you again but don’t have you email anymore? Thanks

  • Comment Link rastabob Thursday, 01 November 2018 08:48 posted by rastabob

    Hi Nora do you sell your panties on other sites too, like twitter or reddit, or instagram? I live in Sweden so it should not be problem to ship there, I have looked for Scandinavian sellers and you are hard to find? But you look so sexy. Im not a member here and quite frankly i have joined too many sites and im tired of it, but this site is maybe worth though. Best regards

  • Comment Link Lorenzo Sunday, 21 October 2018 01:03 posted by Lorenzo

    Hello, I'd be interested in making a purchase. How long would it take to get the order processed? I live in Italy. Many thanks!

  • Comment Link kenshiro101 Sunday, 09 September 2018 14:54 posted by kenshiro101

    Hi Nora great profile! Do you ship to Spain? Also, can I pay with an amazon gift card? I look forward to your reply

  • Comment Link Steve Thursday, 09 August 2018 23:00 posted by Steve

    Hi Nora, I would like to make a purchase butt can't find any contact information.

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