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 About Me: I'm Lana, This model loves playing in her lingerie!


This model loves playing in her lingerie!


Here's all the sexy souvenirs I have waiting for you:


Hey sexy boys! Are you ready for 5'10, 125 lbs. of blue-eyed natural blondeness?! There's no shortage of compliments on my creamy complected, curvy figure and loooooong legs...but my best feature is my pretty pink pussy! I'm a model/student – beauty and brains! And playing in my lingerie is my favorite thing to do! The incredible feel of the delicate fabrics on my soft skin makes me feel so sexy & gets me so juicy! The only thing I love even more is thinking about you enjoying my extraordinary smell and taste! That's what I'm fantasizing about when I reach those peaks of pleasure! Oh yes, you're going to love the sweet wet pussy kisses I give you!


I'm REAL and REALLY good at this! Some points to consider:


  • I'm happy to send verification pics upon request!

  • I ship worldwide!

  • I send LOTS of FREE pics (XXX & closeup)!

  • I offer FREE pussypops w/ all panties, pantyhose, and workout shorts!

  • I send handwritten cards with a kiss!

  • I offer FREE vacuum sealing for freshness!

  • My SUPAFRESH delicacies are shipped as soon as they come off me & right before mail pickup!

  • I give you my Maximum Scent Guarantee (see below)!

  • I have a long history of excellent reviews (see below)!

  • My soaked panties are just the beginning! I offer a HUGE variety of treats for you to discover desires you didn't even know you had!



My Dirty Delight Offerings


  • Panties/Yoga Shorts/Pantyhose: $20

  • Sports Bras: $20

  • Socks/Footlets/Thigh High Stockings: $10

  • Shoes of All Types (including sweaty sneakers): $10-$50

  • Pussypops, Asspops, Toepops, Pisspops: $10 for 1 or $20 for 3

  • Cotton Swatches (pussy stuffed, assflossed, armpit wiped, or toe swiped): $15

  • Domination Tasks Customized to You (See full description below)

  • Keyholding for a Chastity Device: TBD

  • Video Clips (Existing or customized – see menu below)

  • Photo Sets (Existing or customized – see menu below)

  • Audio Clips (Existing or customized – see menu below)

  • Toothbrushes Used on My Mouth, Pussy, Asshole, Feet, or Peed on: $20

  • Toilet Paper: $20 for pissy / $30 for poopy

  • After Sex Cleanup Tissues: $20

  • Items of Your Choosing on Amazon: TBD

  • Especially Filthy Treats (Email me to hear about these)


...Don't be shy – If you don't see what you're craving, tell me what delicacy would make my boy happy! The only things I cannot offer you are period products, LIVE cam shows, phone sex, or vials/bottles of pussy juice.


Video Menu

Videos are 1080p HD - high quality so you can see every dirty detail! I send them to your email address via Googledrive (no sign up required) for you to watch instantly! It's super easy! $10 minimum. Times are approximate.

  • Getting ready to shop for panties without panties on in the car (shows pussy rubbing) [1 min]: $5

  • Playing w/ my big tits in the car [1 min]: $5

  • Dirty talking masturbation w/ my fingers in the car w/ loud orgasm [11 min]: $25

  • Sitting on your face twice (second time w/ pussy spread): [1 min]: $5

  • Stuffing a panty in my pussy (starts w/ panty in), pulling it out & peeing with it on [2 min]: $5

  • Naked & holding a panty then stuffing panty deep in my pussy & pulling out [2 min]: $5

  • Black thong pulled aside, masturbating w/ toy in bed w/ music on til I cum [3 min]: $10

  • Rubbing a black thong on my pussy post-orgasm & stuffing it inside [1 min]: $5

  • Cotton swatch stuffed in my pussy [2 min]: $5

  • Chapstick application to my mouth & pussy [2 min]: $5

  • Wiggling my hot little ass & spanking myself [1 min]: $5

  • Spitting into a vial [2 min]: $5

  • Peeing my jean shorts & panties in the shower then rubbing my pissy pussy with my fingers & vibrator til I cum loudly [7 min]: $20

  • Peeing into a clear pitcher [1 min]: $5

  • Peeing into a vial on the toilet [1 min]: $5

  • Cotton swatch wipe after a poo, no TP used [1 min]: $5

  • Making an asspop (putting a lollipop in my asshole) [1 min]: $5

  • Wiping my ass w/ a pissy panty right after a poo [1 min]: $5

  • Wiping my ass w/ TP right after a poo [1 min]: $5

  • Rubbing my white cotton panty into my asshole & peeing through it [2 min]: $5

  • Pooping & peeing in the shower (shows poop coming out) [1 min]: $5

  • Sissy reward (masturbation & creamy middle finger) [2 min]: $5

  • Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: Alpha Male cum in a condom [2 min]: $5

  • Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: spit, pussy chapstick, pissy leggings, pussypops, panties [6 min]: $15

  • Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: shitty toilet paper, pee, pussypop [4 min]: $10

  • Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: sports bra [1 min]: $5

  • Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: big shit [4 min]: $10

  • Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: panty, pisspop, asspop [2 min]: $5

  • Mistress's filth instruction/JOI: Thanksgiving panty & pussypop [3 min]: $5

Custom Videos

Something you'd like to see that isn't on the menu yet? Tell me all about it! I love to indulge a rainbow of fetishes, so don't be shy! They can be up to 11 mins each (I can make longer vids – they'll just need to be split up). Keep in mind...

  • For something I can't re-use (saying your name in the vid or if it's similar to vids I already have on the menu), it will be more expensive. If it's something that I can re-use (that I think others will want to watch too and I don't already have something similar), it will be cheaper.

  • It's cheaper per minute for longer vids.

  • I don't fake orgasms. So if you want to see me cum in your vid, ask for it to be at least 10 minutes long.

  • Elaborate vids or those requiring considerable preparation, such as cosplay (where I need to buy a costume, apply face/body paint, learn what lines the character says, create props, etc.) are expensive.

  • Yes, I love doing filth instruction vids telling you exactly what to do with the tasty treats you've requested!

  • My only limits so far are that I don't show my full face and I won't put anything bigger than a lollypop inside my fine ass.

  • To get a quote, email me to say what you want me doing and/or saying in your vid and how long you'd like it to be. Be as specific as possible.


Photo Sets


I've got some steamy photo sets you're going to love! Select from the following or talk to me about ideas for something custom! Whether existing or custom, they're $1 each with a $10 minimum. All sent directly to you via email. No zipped files, just easy to open & view hi res pics that you can keep forever!

  • Naked Sitting, Bent Over, Laying on Front, Laying on Back, Standing Over You (6)

  • Wet Pussy (unlimited)

  • Masturbating with Fingers & Vibrator (unlimited)

  • Lollypops Going in My Pussy/Ass/Peed On (unlimited)

  • Pantystuffing (unlimited)

  • Fucking/Cream Pie Panties (unlimited)

  • Huge Load Used Condom on Alphacock, Me Playing w/ It & My Pussy (24)

  • Titty Play (unlimited)

  • Buttplug Insertion While I Finger Myself (12)

  • Your Ideas


Audio Files


I'm told I've got a hot voice to match my perfect body! Wanna find out? Select from the following or talk to me about ideas for something custom! Whether existing or custom, I usually ask $1 per minute, with a $10 minimum. Sent directly to your email for you to keep forever!


  • Licking Lana (Me imagining you're licking my sweet pink pussy while I'm actually masturbating – lots of speech, moaning, ending w/ loud orgasm) Approx. 13 mins. - $13


Good to Know


Advice for Newbies:


  • 24 hour wear without any customizations creates a mild panty. If you want something really satisfying, get masturbation (to create more pussyjuice & rub in that pussy smell) AND stuffing (to absorb all that extra juice into the panty). No one who get these customizations ever goes back to not getting them.

  • Cotton panties are the most absorbent for both smell and taste. Most non-cotton panties still have a cotton gusset though.

  • If you get a thong or g-string, expect at least a faint ass smell. If you're not into that, a full bottomed panty is a better choice.



Maximum Scent Guarantee:


I know my natural smell is really important to my lovers, so I keep an eye – nose, actually – on the details! That's why I DON'T use scented lotion, perfume (unless requested) or even deodorant, and use only half the recommended amount of laundry detergent. My natural aromas are so intoxicating, it'd be a crime to cover them up! I'm also careful to gently blot, rather than wipe, after I pee, to avoid losing even a bit of my precious pussy juice!







  • I accept Amazon (and other) gift cards and money transfers. Both options are very popular, as they are fast, easy, free, and very discreet. Your bank statement shows it simply as an Amazon purchase or money transfer. I don’t even see your real name with certain money transfer methods if you choose not to share it.
  •  If you'd like your gift to be completely untraceable and anonymous, you can buy plastic Amazon gift cards with cash at the checkouts of most major grocery and drug stores and send me the redemption codes.
  • A prompt gift is the only way to reserve specific dirty delights & the dates I prepare/wear them for you. So if you set up an order, but wait to send your gift, do not assume that the treats and dates are still available.
  • If you spoil me with a tip, I'll spoil you right back with extra pics, more explicit pics, freebies, and discounts!




Panty shipping is $5 within the US or $15 for the rest of the world. Panties and similar size/weight delights will be sent First Class (usually 1-3 mailing days) to anywhere in the US unless other arrangements are made. Large/heavy treats (such as most shoes) will require packaging in a box, and the shipping time is usually 7 days to anywhere in the US for those. International shipping times depend on the country.


All sexy souvenirs will arrive in discreet, plain packaging with the only writing on it being your own name & address if you're in the US. If you're not in the US, I use a boring sounding return address. Please do not attempt to send me anything at the return address I use – I don't live there and won't receive it. Shipping outside the US requires your last name.


The four different sized envelopes I use have these dimensions: 4” x 9.5”...4.5" x 10.5"...6.5" x 9.5"...9.5" x 12.5". All my treats are vacuum sealed if the size permits (some shoes are too bulky to vacuum seal). If you prefer a tracking number, let me know before gifting (an additional $10). Otherwise I do not get one, so that I can keep costs low for my lovers by cutting out trips to the post office.




Due to the nature of these tasty treats, I do not give refunds. So it's best to ask questions and be very specific about what will make you squeal, moan, or scream with delight! However, if you find yourself unsatisfied for any reason at all, please talk to me about it so that we can figure out a way to make things right!


If packages lost in the mail are a concern, it's recommended that you ask for tracking before gifting. I'll happily replace items lost in the mail if tracking proves they weren't delivered.


Your Feedback:


It's a huge turn-on when my lovers send me pics/vids of you enjoying my yumminess! Whether it's just for my eyes, or you'd like me to post it on my twitter, please feel free to share! Don't worry, I'll ask for permission before posting anything. If you would like me to post something, I'll be happy to blot out your face and any identifying marks (like tattoos).


Speaking of feedback, feel free to leave some here, on my selling page! It's very appreciated!



How to Order:


Sharing a dirty delight with me is easy! Here’s a quick step-by-step:


1) Email me saying...


  • What tasty treats you desire by title of the ad, pic, or (best of all) a link.

  • How you’d like them customized.

  • If you’re in the US or international.


2) I’ll give you the total you should gift me & the dates I can prepare/wear our goodies, along with gifting options.


3) Send your gift. Then email me the name & address you’d like me to ship to. If international, please do so in the following order: Last Name, First name, Address, City, State/Province, Post Code, Country (so I know which goes where on the declarations form).


4) I'll send a confirmation email when your gift is received. I’ll send another confirmation email to let you know when I’ve shipped and also email pics at that time.





Mistress Lana's Custom Domination


Ready to lose control? My flavor of Domination is...

  • Task based (you prove I'm your superior by doing what I tell you)

  • Reward based (you get goodies when tasks are completed to My liking)

  • Highly customized (I give exactly the kind of tasks & rewards you crave)


Tasks & Rewards:

It's essential for My pleasure to know that you're doing as I tell you. So after I send you a task, and you've completed it, you'll send Me proof via pics/audio files/vids. I'll reward your obedience when you've pleased Me: Pics, audio files, vids, treats from My body, etc. Tasks done wrong will result in no reward - perhaps even punishment.

A good sub always wants to please his Mistress as much as possible. So as a bare minimum, I expect you to complete your tasks. However, a great sub doesn't just finish his task – he tries to do more than expected! While you may not fundamentally change a task, I encourage you to look for ways to up the ante or put your own spin on a task. Impress Me and your reward will be more generous.


Customizing your Domination:

I don't do "One Size Fits All" Domination - I spend a lot of time and creative juice to dream up tasks that are just right for you. So it's important that you be honest and specific about what turns you on before we begin. The following are questions that you must answer in an email to Me as a way of applying to be My sub.

For questions that are organized by areas of interest: If you're not interested in a topic, you may skip the questions that relate to that topic by deleting the questions when you email Me your answers. This way I know that you've intentionally skipped the question. Do NOT send Me unanswered questions.



  • Would you enjoy Sissy Training (tasks focusing on you becoming a girl)?

  • What sizes do you wear in women's clothing (dress, bra, panties, shoes, etc.)? If you don't know, what sizes do you wear in men's? Measurements in inches are helpful if you're outside the US.

  • What girly items do you already own? Send pics.

  • What girly rituals do you already do?

  • Do you have a girl's name you like to call yourself? If not, would you like Me to give you one? If so, what kinds of names do you like (fancy/elegant, slutty/trashy, etc.)?

  • Any particular aspects of becoming a woman you wouldn't like (such as having a period)? Any that especially turn you on?


  • What types of humiliating acts turn you on?

  • Does it turn you on more if the humiliation is public or private?

  • Would it be thrilling to see humiliating pictures of yourself posted publicly?

Filth Consumption

Disclaimer: Since no one is allowed to offer mailing bodily fluids & solids by themselves, what I'm describing in this section is these substances on items such as panties.

  • Are you interested in Toilet Training (tasks focusing on you becoming My toilet by consuming My waste)?

  • Which types of bodily filth excite you (pussy juice, sweat, spit, piss, shit, etc.)? If sweat, specify from which body parts (feet, armpits, tits, etc.).

  • Are you interested in being forced to consume your own waste? If so, specify which types.


  • Would you enjoy Possession Training (tasks that focus on you becoming My property)? If so, would you like Me to consider you as more of an item than a person? Any item in particular?

  • Would you enjoy showing/telling the world that you're Mine? If so, specify if online or out in the world.

  • Would you enjoy Pet Training (tasks focusing on you becoming My little pet & doing all the things that pets do)?


  • Do you enjoy pain in specific areas of your body? Specify.

  • Describe which painful acts you enjoy.

  • What are your limits?


  • Which materials do you prefer to be used?

  • Do you like certain body parts to be bound? Specify.

  • Do you like to be doing something or something being done to you while you're bound? Specify.

  • Do you enjoy being bound in a way that you truly can't get out of for a period of time (such as using a lock to which the key is frozen in an ice cube)?


Anal Stimulation

  • Do you prefer holding objects in your ass (like a butt plug) or fucking yourself (like a dildo)?

  • What's the longest time you've kept something in your ass?

  • What's the biggest object that's been in your ass?

  • Do you regularly put something in your ass?

Gay Encounters

  • Would you prefer these encounters to be mild with no disease risk like Me forcing you to drink My Alpha Male's cum...Or more intense like My forcing you to get fucked by strange men?

  • Describe your limits.

  • Does a certain type of man turn you on more than others (such as a big black man)?

  • Describe any gay encounters you've had.


  • Would you enjoy Cuckold Training (tasks focusing on you becoming My cuckold)?

  • Would you enjoy Me showing you how My Alpha Male is a Real Man?

  • Would you like to pay for Our dates & clean up Our post-sex messes?

  • Would you like Me to talk to you as though you are My boyfriend/husband (making you an actual cuckold)?

Orgasm Denial

  • Do you trust yourself to not masturbate when I tell you not to?

  • Would you enjoy wearing a chastity device? Or do you already wear one? If so, how frequently and for how long at a time?

  • Would you like Me to be the Keyholder for your chastity device? Or would a numbered ziptie type lock be more effective (pics can prove that you still have it on until I give you permission to cut it off)? This can be used to prove you're wearing it without having to wait for shipping time, and then you cut it off when I allow you to.

  • How many days do you think you could last without being allowed to cum?

Body Worship

  • Which body parts do you like in particular (feet, legs, pussy, ass, tits, etc.)?

  • Do certain functions of these body parts turn you on (such as being stepped on)? Be specific (such as being stepped on by a Giantess or as a woman wearing heels stepping on your balls).

  • Would you like to be responsible for the upkeep of particular body parts? Financially (such as paying for pedicures)? Physically (such as huffing on all My socks)?

Financial Domination

  • Would you like Me to demand you buy gifts for Me when I want them and/or send money when I tell you to?

  • Would you enjoy going over your income & expenses with Me and being put on a budget?

  • Would you enjoy shopping with Me (I go to actual or online shops and send you pictures or links of things I want and you send money instantly so I can purchase them right then & there)?

  • Would you enjoy shopping reimbursement, using receipts? This can be easier for subs who aren't available in real time.

  • Would you enjoy knowing you work for Me, and that you must give Me a set amount from every paycheck?


  • Would you like Me to threaten to expose you online or in real life?

  • Would you be able to send Me humiliating/degrading pictures of you showing your face that I can threaten to post publicly or send to people you know?

  • Are you comfortable giving Me information to potentially contact people you know?

General task preferences:

Are there any things not already covered that make you hard? Specific items? Acts? Fetishes? Thoughts?

If you've been Dominated previously, which tasks did you enjoy most? Which did you not care for?

Any forms of Domination that scare you/make you uncomfortable that haven't been covered?

Describe or give examples of what type of acts you'd consider to be beyond your limits (if not already covered).

Do you prefer tasks that mostly can be done in private/at home, or are you more eager to be forced to do them in public? If in public, would you prefer knowing that people may see you or knowing that they definitely see you?

Do you prefer tasks that you can do alone, or those that require you to interact with other people?

Do you prefer tasks that are accomplished quickly or that can last for several days or even weeks?

For tasks with steps of preparation required, would you prefer to know in the beginning what the eventual task is or are you more excited by not knowing as you prepare?

Would you like your tasks to begin mild and become increasingly more intense?

Do you enjoy being punished?

How do you feel about tease & denial?

From 1 to 10, how important is it to you that I find you attractive?

Are you prepared to alter your appearance for Me?

Would you enjoy becoming addicted to My filth?

You & Your Lifestyle:

Are you relatively anonymous in a big city, well known in a small town, or something in between?

Which state in the US or country if outside the US do you live in?

Do you live with anyone?

Do you have a significant other? If so, would you enjoy it if I compare her unfavorably to Myself? Or would you prefer no mention of her?

Do you have a lot of privacy?

Are you of legal age to drink?

Do you have a vehicle? If so, what size? Are the windows tinted?

What type of work do you do?

What times & days do you generally work?

Does your work involve more sitting, standing, bending, etc.?

Are you constantly around people at work, alone, or something in between?

What times & days are you usually available to focus on tasks?

Are you able to read & respond to My emails within an hour or two?

What are your hobbies?

Describe a typical day for you.

What are your bad habits?

How do you feel people generally perceive you?

Describe yourself physically.

Do you have any allergies/disabilities/health concerns?

What sex toys do you own? Feel free to email pics of the toys.

Describe the content of the type of porn you prefer (trannies, bondage, etc.).

Do you have any other dirty secrets?

Are you able to make pics, audio files, and vids? If so, would you prefer that these are for Me only? Or would you enjoy seeing them posted publicly? If so, would you like Me to blot out your face and any identifying marks (such as tattoos)?

Are you able/comfortable receiving items in the mail (rewards of My filth)? Do you need to know when they are sent or would a surprise be more fun?

Any rewards in particular that you're hoping I'll throw your way?

Would you enjoy having Me belittle your dick (calling it small in various ways or referring to it as a clit)?

Would you enjoy being called names (loser, sissy, faggot, bitch, slut, maggot, etc.) and are there types of names that you prefer over others?

Anything else I should know about you, your life, or routine?

What about Domination turns you on the most?

Which level of Domination would you prefer (see below)?

Do you have any questions for Me (after reading this entire text)?

Levels of Domination:


Life Control (high level):

I control several aspects of your life, in addition to assigning tasks regularly. This is a constant and complete control - a lifestyle, rather than a hobby. We would go over your income and expenses if necessary, and put you on a budget if necessary, so that I receive a set amount from each of your paydays, like a submission tax. Rewards are constant as well - you may find a little something in the mailbox every day.

Hobby (mid level):

I assign you a task when you beg Me for one. Includes rewards.



My Responsibilities as your Mistress:

I will not force you to do anything that is illegal or would negatively affect your relationships/employment/health. I've even been known to improve these aspects of a sub's life, as I always have your well-being in mind.

Note: If gay encounters with strangers are something you're excited by, I'm not responsible for the risks involved. Use condoms and take reasonable precautions.


Can i see an example task before we begin?

No. It takes time and energy to dream up customized tasks and I don't do it for free.

Do You have other subs?

Yes. But no one is really impressing Me at the moment.

Do You enjoy Dominating?

Very much! This is why I disown subs who don't accomplish tasks.

Should i give feedback?

Yes. If you especially enjoy a task...or if you didn't feel the task was your cup of tea...or if you felt the task was too intense or not intense enough...Tell Me! The only way I can assign tasks to fit your specific taste is if you tell Me what you do and don't like.


What should i call You?

Mistress Lana is what I'm used to. However, anything complimentary that denotes My superiority to you is acceptable – Queen, Goddesss, Your Highness, Miss, Perfection, Princess, etc. I do enjoy it when a sub thinks of something new and creative.

i need a lot of interaction! How often are You available?

Typically I check emails every few hours during the day. Often I'll respond within minutes in the evenings and on weekends. 


How much does a task cost?

At the Life Control Level, answering this will require further discussion because the Domination is ongoing, and includes a lot of control & interaction beyond actual task assigning & reward giving. Start this discussion by telling Me the frequency you'd like of actual tasks. If you'll need a steady supply of My bodily treats to create a physical dependency on Me (something I find especially satisfying), tell Me how often you think you'll need it.

*See note below on rewards.

At the Hobby Level, $25 per task is the minimum tribute for each task. If you tribute more, I'll take notice of your generosity and be more generous with your tasks (making them better by spending more time on creating them or making them more elaborate with multiple steps so that they last longer). The same goes for rewards – if you tribute more, the rewards will be of greater value. Do realize I won't be sending rewards where the value of the reward is equal to or greater than the amount you sent for the task (i.e. you're not going to get a reward of My deliciously masturbated & stuffed panties after sending only $25 for the corresponding task).

*See note below on rewards.


*If you'd like very specific rewards or types of rewards only, discuss it with Me before we begin so that I can tell you how much you should be tributing/paying.

*If you don't care for rewards at all, let Me know so I can spend extra time focusing on creating your tasks.

So...Are you ready to submit to Mistress Lana?

Email Me your answers to the questions listed above. I'll review and decide if you're worthy of serving Me. If I do accept you, be prepared for an experience unlike any other!



  • Comment Link James Friday, 11 November 2016 16:32 posted by James

    Had 2 purchases with Lana, truly wonderful and all the communications are flawless. Highly recommended!

  • Comment Link Dave Thursday, 10 November 2016 06:24 posted by Dave

    Thanks Lana for an AWESOME fantasy experience. Your aroma, wetness, and erotica pictures were beyond description. I will definitely be a returning customer.

    I highly recommend you, and would rate you as one of the top women in the Trust. You were very prompt, discreet, professional, and erotic.

  • Comment Link B Thursday, 10 November 2016 06:04 posted by B

    Lana is not only one hot looking woman, she is a pro in every way when it comes to fulfilling your fetish fantasy.
    She provides immediate response to e-mail requests and notification when your item ships. I have purchased panties from her and she has a terrific cinnamon scent and don't cheap out when it comes to her extras....well worth it...give this beautiful lady a try...she aims to please!

  • Comment Link YM Thursday, 10 November 2016 00:30 posted by YM

    Leaving a second comment for the same girl in a month seems crazy, but that is what I feel about Lana. I bought various things from Lana, and I love each of them. From videos, I learned how sexy her voice is and how hot her body is; from panties, I learned how sweet her pussy is.

    About a week ago I just bought a pair of socks from this lady. This recent experience makes me like her even more: During the preparation of the socks, some accident happened. Lana contacted me immediately and proposed alternatives. During the negotiation, she had been very friendly and patient. In the end we reached agreement and the socks arrived just like what I expected. Sweet aroma from Lana's feet, but I think Lana's personality is even sweeter! Thank you!

  • Comment Link Tim Saturday, 22 October 2016 23:24 posted by Tim

    Just what I was searching for, thank you for posting.

  • Comment Link YM Wednesday, 28 September 2016 23:27 posted by YM

    Recently, I have bought from Lana worn panties, pussypop, pisspop and Licking Lana audio. Overall, it is a very pleasant experience! Regarding Lana, the following key words are what I have in my mind:

    Pros: very professional business woman, very friendly, open-minded, quick response, sexy voice and addictive smell! As soon as I smell her panties, I become hard.

    Cons: can think of none! My only question is that such perfect woman really exists? :)

    I think the only way to find that out is to buy more panties from her: The more I smell, the more I can be certain that awesome Lana is really there!

  • Comment Link Kevin @pantyaddicted18 Monday, 11 April 2016 15:57 posted by Kevin @pantyaddicted18

    Recently made purchase #2 from the lovely Lana & what else can a perv say? It was another great experience & am proud to say 5 pairs of Lana's dirty panties are in my collection. I had so much fun wearing the panties on my face & rubbing Lana's heavenly scent all over my face. Lana had me hooked after my 1st purchase & will continue fitting this fine lady into my panty purchase schedule. I'll be making purchase #3 later in the year & will continue buying until she calls it quits (hope that never happens). Highly Recommended! Lana's a true professional that enjoys what she does! Don't be afraid to contact her, very friendly & quick to respond!

  • Comment Link Plushy Friday, 11 December 2015 01:06 posted by Plushy

    This was my first panty experience, and boy am I glad it was with Lana, she replied to my emails quickly, and she is very pleasant to deal with. The shipping is pretty standard, but the way she packages it is excellent, She vacuum seals at no extra cost which is great, and also very discreet which is very important with these type of purchases.
    The panties came covered in her juices it was fantastic, the taste is of her cum is heavenly and sweet like candy. But the best thing about Lana so far for me though is her scent, it is so intoxicating I can't get enough its so light and sweet!
    All in all I am very pleased with my purchase, and I highly recommend her to first timers and pros alike. I will definitely be back for more!!

  • Comment Link TK421 Tuesday, 03 November 2015 17:26 posted by TK421

    Lana was my first foray into a purchase like this. In short, everything was perfect!

    From a service perspective, Lana is an excellent and thorough communicator. Considering she was my first, the experience was very thoughtful and friendly, and she was quick to answer questions. If you follow her on Twitter, you might even catch her talking about and posing in the goodies she's about to send.

    From a product perspective, Lana is friggin delicious! I'm already considering a followup purchase as the freshness fades. Holy shnikies, I can't get enough of her.

    Two thumbs up and highly recommended!

  • Comment Link RinAZ Tuesday, 03 November 2015 07:22 posted by RinAZ

    This was my first time ordering from pantytrust. I knew choosing Lana was the right decision. She is perfect. I've blew several loads since opening my package yesterday. Buy from her. You wont regret it. Will order again soon.

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