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  • Age: 28
  • Country: USA 🇺🇸
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About Me: Hi there! I'm a little thing who honestly loves selling used lingerie. I've always loved lingerie, and sharing the pieces I love is something I take pleasure in.

Most people find me fun and sweet and would never expect me to be into any kink, they're even surprised by my tattoos! But here I am, embracing my sexuality in unlikely ways and getting turned on by selling my used panties.. I just can't get over the fact that the sexy little things I wear all day can bring such pleasure not just to me but to others. 

Hobbies of mine include embroidery and cross stitch, baking, video games, messing around in my panties, lazing around on the local beach, visiting beer gardens around the city, checking out different spots for wine and cheese, and when I'm not being a lazy bones I do love some yoga and strength training. I do love food and a good beer [or two] and that's added to my curves - just more to love, I think :)

I like getting to know my customers, it helps me make each piece I sell really special to both of us. That being said, I respect all my customers - I understand privacy, and my years in business have taught me the importance of customer satisfaction. I'm quick to respond to inquiries, always polite, provide updates, and make it a point to be upfront about anything and everything.

That being said, I love customizing! Tell me colors you like, cuts you love, how long you want me to play in them for (or not play in them), and so on! I do draw the line at videos and anal - I'm a little shy, and as much as I love my cutie booty I'm just not into anal play. Still though - don't be shy about other requests! I'm happy to try new things (and pretty excited).

All items are vacuum sealed, I'm happy to provide a verification photo (along with other photos), and shipping is free for all bras and panties. I'll be sure to provide tracking info, too. 

I'm excited to see what you have for me ;)

What I Sell:

Used Panties

Bras and Lingerie

Foot Fetish Items

I accept : Amazon gift cards or gift vouchers only - NO PayPal, cash, checks, etc.

Shipping Terms: Free shipping on bras and panties, shoes will require shipping payment (up to $15). I'm currently only shipping to the US - I may ship overseas in the future for a fee.

Refund Policy: All sales are final. No returns, replacements, or refunds will be issued.   

Lost Parcel Policy: An item of equal value will be sent only if the parcel was lost as a result of an error made by USPS.

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