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Candi Kate

Candi Kate

Hi, I'm Candi Kate! I'm a newbie seller and I can't wait to delve into the world of pantie fetishes. . .

I've been a good girl all of my life, and now I want to be bad. I'm bored of being the innocent straight A student, I want to explore my desires and share my panties with you ;)

All about me:

I'm 5'3, blonde and naturally petite. I know what you're thinking . . .I sound tiny, but I can assure you that I'm perfectly formed. I'm all of the fun in a slighlty smaller 20 something package. . . My boobs are perky and my bum is the perfecft handful. I do enough squats to mae sure I perfectly fill out my panties (as you'll see from my pics ;) )

My hour glass figure is toned from exercising everyday; I do it all, from yoga to pole dancing to kickboxing. When I'm not contorting myself into various positions to try and master the splits, I can be found working on my début erotic novel. I'm a huge fan of dirty reverse harem books, and I'm always fantasizing about being one of the lucky heroines who has multiple guys worshipping her. . .

All about my panties:

In the past, I've modelled lingerie, and I'm not easily shocked. I'm happy to wear the panties while I work out, for a full 24 hours, and to spend lots of time in bed while wearing the panties . . .

I have a whole drawer full of sexy lingerie that I can't wait to wear for you. Wearing sexy underwear gives me a buzz and makes me feel sexy and powerful. I can only imagine what selling my used panties is going to feel like. I can't wait to experience the thrill of knowing that you're enjoying my body and it's natural juices. . . 

I'll workout in every pair of panties I sell so that I can make them as dirty as possible for you ;) My last partner couldn't get enough of going down on me. He loved my taste and smell, and I know you will too. . . My panties will definitely be scented after I've worn them all day and night and I've worked out. What I sell: Used panties; as well as worn tights, worn stockings and used socks - I've got everything you could desire . . .

Terms and Conditions: I accept Amazon gift cards. I do not accept Paypal.

Shipping: For UK orders, I will use Royal Mail First Class postage. Orders will be sealed in a ziplock bag and then placed in a padded envelope. I will handwrite the address and notify you as soon as I've sent the order out. Items will only be shipped when I've received payment.  If you'd rather items be sent using recorded delivery, then let me know. For international orders, items will be posted out using recorded delivery. Cost of postage will depend on where you live, but it will be somewhere between £3-5. 

Refunds: Please let me know if you're unhappy for any reason, and I will do my best to resolve the issue. The same goes for lost orders - please don't hesitate to drop me a message. 

Let me and my panties be the stars of your fantasies - I promise we won't disappoint ;)

Website URL: https://www.pantytrust.com/used-panties-classified/foot-fetish/user/1321-candi-kate.html Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi Used Panty Lovers,

Are you or would you like to be a regular Used Panties customer -a VIP! - and receive my used panties once a month or more?

I like to reward my loyal VIPs with some extra treats. So, here's what I'd like to treat you with:

1st order- a straight up, honest-to-goodness panty order. £20 for used panties + p&p cost + cost of any extras required.

All subsequent orders within a month of first/most recent order - £20 for used panties + p&p cost + 2 free extras.