Genuine panty sellers are debunking used panties selling myths published on magazines & tabloids. "Get real" they say!

£500 daily sales aren't real, the media is lured-in by these false claims

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Many of us selling used panties in the sex industry have noticed a lot of sensationalized stories in the media about what we do and how much money we make. This downplays the amount of effort and hard work we put in and can lead to wrong ideas about what we do and the type of people that we are.

I have been selling panties, custom photos and foot wear items now for nearly 3 years now, but I am not a millionaire and I don’t 'encourage' people (unlike some unrealistic sellers in the media recently) to sell unless it is right for them.

It can be a wonderful, rewarding, confidence boosting type of work for some but equally others who have no interest in the fetish industry (apart from making cash) are likely to not take it seriously, then give up after a month when they don’t receive the mega payout they’re expecting.
The main reason we sell our used worn items is because we want to, and because it makes people happy. Any true and dedicated seller will tell you that the reason they started to do it IS NOT for cash. We provide a service that serves people’s needs and we are proud of what we do, yes it may be unconventional but everyone has some little secrets and desires and all we want to do is fulfill them for other people.

The money made by panty selling is very varied. For instance some months I have made £200 but then again quite I few others I have barely scraped £20. Each month the same amount of effort is put in but there are no guarantees. The people who truly do it because they love it understand this but carry on no matter what because this is how dedicated we are.

There is a wonderful panty selling community where we all support one another- it’s not a bitchy trade where we fight for buyers, it’s a caring place where we stick together and support one another. People who say they earn £500 per day aren't real - a newspaper or magazine would obviously be lured in by their shocking claims. I feel sorry for these people as they lack the attention that they need, however other genuine sellers are happy with what they have and their clientele basis.

Most of us are online every day or every other day for hours each time, but it depends how much time we have in our personal lives eg. Childcare, health or work. Panty selling can be difficult to juggle around day to day activities, and some of us have chronic illnesses and personal problems that can get in the way from time to time too. It can be incredibly draining at times when you are ‘just not in the mood’ and it becomes a very big part of our life when you commit to doing it.

Many drop out after the initial 1st month as they are really , REALLY unprepared for all the messaging, editing, ad creating, social media interaction, taking photos/and/or videos, forum contributing, learning about shipping and packaging for various countries… and that doesn’t even include the physical side of buying, wearing and going to the post office!
Also a lot of new or potential sellers don’t really think about the sheer amount of time wasters out there that seem to prey on sellers new to industry.

Sometimes you’ll have a month with more time wasters than with actual genuine buyers which is very frustrating These fake ‘buyers’ tend to just want you to send them nudes or chat to you for free, some relay messages back and forth then ghost on you, some place genuine orders then ghost, and then there’s the who dick pic parade you can get too!!
Panty sellers are from all different backgrounds and professions, there is no ‘norm’ and we are all of different shapes, sizes, ethnicity and ages.

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, genuine customers appreciate our uniqueness. I have a buyer who shares the same interests as me and we often chat about them too as well as the whole sexy side of things!  Many of us get extremely turned on by what we do and are into various fetishes ourselves. It is not something genuine, long term sellers get into unless they can understand the desires of the buyer.

Everyone is different, and whether we do it for a bit of fun or for sexual kicks, it is a difficult and unpredictable profession that deserves recognition and respect, not to be abused by certain individuals through media outlets. Panty selling is a wonderful profession or hobby, we just need others to understand that we are real people and can be very challenging yet rewarding at the same time.

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