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News: It's time for...LANA TRIVIA!!!

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News: It's time for...LANA TRIVIA!!!

It's time for...LANA TRIVIA!!!

It's so thrilling to have reached over a thousand Twitter followers! I just had to offer something special to celebrate! This game is my gift to you horny lovers & fans! Xxxx!

~The Prizes~

Get the most answers right & you'll receive a FREE HD video of me pleasuring my beautiful pussy to a loud orgasm! (approx. 11 mins)

30 pics of me playing with my wet horny pussy! Uncensored & close-up!

An audio clip of me fantasizing that you're licking me (approx 13 mins) made while I masturbate to a loud orgasm!

PARTICIPATION (for anyone who answers all the questions)...
$5 off any order in January!

~How to Play~

Everyday for the next 10 days, I'll be tweeting a new multiple choice question about me. You may reply with your answer (reply to the individual tweet, a DM will not count) anytime before the 10 days are up (midnight Pacific time of the day of the 10th question is the deadline). No changing your answers once you've submitted them. The correct answers will all be revealed at the end of of the game.

Shhhh! Here's my hint to you...Most of the answers can be found by researching my selling page (, my website (, my listings (, or my tweets (!

Let's have some sexy fun! Go here to begin:

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