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  • Country: USA
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About Me: I'm Portia, a sweet, sophisticated lady from the USA who loves selling used panties and lingerie.


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Being a late bloomer, I discovered my love of all things lacy, sexy and girly later in life. I am extremely sex positive and a reasonably adventuresome woman. I own my own business and travel sporadically. I have an advanced degree and when I am not having fun or working, I am reading, on my yoga mat ot cooking. My tastes trend toward sophisticated and I very much believe in being a lady on the street and a superstar in bed. On my 30th birthday, I promised myself I would fully explore my sexuality. I feel as if there is so much more yet to explore.


I started my panty selling about 5 years ago and I have had a blast and am loving exploring my fetish and yours. I still get a kick out of wearing panties for a special someone and dropping them in the mail is a naughty, naughty thrill. I took a step back for a bit late in 2016-- due to some great and not so great things going on in my life. I am glad to be back and missed you all so very much. 



What I Do:

I sell all kinds of used panties, worn footwear including socks, bras, lingerie etc. (Yoga pants, leggings, t-shirts and cami's too.) I will note that my tastes have trended simpler and more elegant of late. And casual. I work in a casual office now or from my home office, so I am all about being put together-- but comfortable.

While I used to offer photo sets, I find that is just not what excites me any longer. Likewise, I am not set up or willing to make videos. I include simple verification photos upon request.

Gifts I accept and shipping terms
Shipping is in a discrete plain white or beige envelope, via 2-3 first class or US Priority Mail, includes delivery confirmation. International Shipping will be considered on a case by case basis. (At present-- I am not inclined to ship overseas for two reasons-- the US postal service keeps changing the rules and the prices. And I do not vacuum seal-- the quality of scent and your experience is diminished by a long shipping time. I will ship overseas-- if we can come up witha mutually beneficial arrangement.)

Shipping is 1/2 to 1-day after I wear the item, unless otherwise discussed or if there are multiple items being worn. Items will be sealed in a ziploc bag of an appropriate size. Return address can be PM Fashions (my return address) or the purchaser's address, at his/her discretion. 

Terms: after an agreement as to item, wearing time frame and optional add-ons, I will email at total amount and await agreed upon gift. 
I am open to e-gift cards, gift cards by mail or other terms to be discussed. Reciepent assumes all liability for miss directed mail. ABSOLUTELY no PAYPAL. Don't even ask, no, just do not even think about asking. No gifts via paypal.

Returns and lost parcel Policy:
Given the nature of the items-- no returns or exchanges will be considered, however feedback is appreciated and it is my desire that we both be mutually satisfied by the exchange. I always ship with delivery confirmation and tracking.

All of the content on this page, inclusive of the photos are mine-- all rights reserved. Darlings-- it is never ok, to borrow my content or my photos. I am responsible for this content. Including any typos or misspellings. 

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  • Comment Link KFE Wednesday, 05 July 2017 08:26 posted by KFE

    I just received my first items from Portia. She is amazing to deal with and her scent is just awesome. I would highly recommend ordering a pair of panties from this lady.

  • Comment Link D Tuesday, 06 September 2016 16:35 posted by D

    Portia is one of the top ladies on this site! I just got my first pair of panties from her and her aroma was mesmerizing. She was very prompt and professional. I highly recommend her.

  • Comment Link Jason Sunday, 21 August 2016 20:07 posted by Jason

    I discovered the lovely Portia one day on Twitter! I am amazed by her beauty and kindness. She is my first experience in the panty fetish. I was amazed when she wrote personal letters with each pair I have bought from her. Her scent is amazing as well! The smell has lasted for months.

  • Comment Link Kevin aka @pantyaddicted18 Sunday, 21 August 2016 17:37 posted by Kevin aka @pantyaddicted18

    I've made another purchase from the lovely Portia! Loved the panties, had lots of fun with them rubbing them over my face & burying my nose inside taking in her lovely scent! Made me a very happy panty perv once again, thank you very much! Portia's highly recommended so don't wait any longer if you have not made a purchase with this sexy lady yet, do so now! Portia will make you a very happy perv as well!

  • Comment Link Kevin @pantyaddicted18 Wednesday, 04 May 2016 15:25 posted by Kevin @pantyaddicted18

    I've made purchase number 2 from the lovely & gorgeous Portia ! I took advantage of her April special which I jumped on pretty fast! I'm proud to say I now the happy owner of 4 pairs of Portia's delicious, dirty panties! I want to say thank you so very much for the panties. I really enjoyed playing with them & loved burying my face inside of them, licking the stained gussets of each panty to taste your delicious juices. I also loved wearing them on my face, felt so nice as I breathed in your sweet aroma! Panties on my face & breathing in your scent made me one happy & excited perv! I'll be back for more, bank on it! Highly Recommended! What are you pervs waiting for? Contact Portia & get a sniff/taste for yourself!

  • Comment Link addictedtopanties Monday, 07 December 2015 09:25 posted by addictedtopanties

    I made my 1st panty purchase from the lovely Portia! Portia's a very beautiful & sexy lady, reliable & keeps you up to date on everything. Sniffing her panties, what an experience that was taking in her sexy scent. Absolutely loved how they felt wearing them over my face, front & back taking in all her aroma! The little personal note adds a nice touch to the purchase, love it when the ladies do that. Reading the note just helps get the blood flowing before the real party begins with the panties! highly recommended! If you haven't made a purchase from this lovely lady yet, what are you waiting for? Just Do It! you can't go wrong with Portia!

  • Comment Link Al Friday, 05 December 2014 13:38 posted by Al

    Just received my second pair of panties from Portia and they were just amazing.
    Panties were wrapped up like the gift that made me feel like a little boy sneaking a peek at s present under the Xmas tree.
    Portia is a true professional that has brought a little conversation, humor, and lust back into my life.

  • Comment Link Pete Friday, 17 October 2014 04:33 posted by Pete

    Professional and accommodating and a total sweetheart. The best seller on the site.

  • Comment Link Al Stevens Thursday, 18 September 2014 04:43 posted by Al Stevens

    Portia is a classy lady who filled my body with anticipation from the moment I made contact with her.
    She was very responsive to my emails and I received my gift wrapped with her personal touch that only heighted my excitement.
    I was very pleased with her panties and look forward to my next pair.

  • Comment Link Kazimira Friday, 25 July 2014 09:31 posted by Kazimira

    Portia is amazing...beautiful, kind, and sexy. Her panties are amazing. I want to savor them forever but I don't think I can resist delving into them right away. And she even included a free, extra panty too...I'm gonna put that one on and rub my pussy while playing with her delicious worn panty. Thank you!

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