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How I tried selling my used panties online before, and failed, till now

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I was at University 3 years ago, after binging on Orange is the new Black I came across an Amazon Kindle called 'How to sell your used panties online and earn $200 per day', needless to say I invested my last $4 and downloaded 2 different apps before I could even start reading this dribble.

The tips were full of promises, easy panty selling, earn $200 a day, guaranteed used panty sales everyday on this used panty site or another, how to find panty fetish pervs who would get off sniffing student panties, bla bla bla.
By day 6 and page 4 I was convinced that whoever wrote it had never even tried to sell anything to anyone.

For 5 weeks I tried pretty much all of the panty websites and spent a small fortune on subscriptions, I pimped my used panties out to every Twitter promo handle under the sun, I joined 9 bitchy Reddit groups and got down voted at any given opportunity, during which time, I DIDN'T SELL A SINGLE PAIR OF DIRTY PANTY, or SOCKS. Zero.
Just loads of cocks pictures.

Week 6, I deleted my panty girl alter ego, left a suitably unfavorable review on the Amazon Kindle and cancelled my Netflix subscription because fuck you Chapman.
I was back to my part time job with 20 pairs of unwanted Victoria Secrets thongs, I finished my degree after borrowing more cash, and here I am now, 3 years later, a bit wiser, actually paying off my student loan and tackling my overdraft.

The 3 things I wish I knew back then:
1: Panty Trust
2: The need for time to learn the ropes
3: The internet is full of bullshit, and so is Netflix.

Let 's start with Panty Trust.
If you think spending $50 on this panty fetish site is not worth the trouble, you need to pay attention. It's the best $50 I ever spent.
I sold 5 pair of used socks and 12 pairs of used panties within the first 4 weeks on being here. It's now almost a year and business is pretty steady thanks to my regulars and the Panty Trust promotions I take advantage of.

How? I learned the ropes.
I did my research and I prepared. This place is a goldmine for tips, tools and advice from actually panty sellers with decades of experience.
This time I didn't rush into it and didn't attempt to sell a single pair of used panties for $50, just isn't going to happen guys.  But what will happen is getting steady requests for used socks, used pantyhose and anything feet fetish related so don't limit your stock to panties, you'll be amazed of how many used pantyhose & used panties I sold together.

I didn't seat around waiting for panty pervs to throw their cash at me (probably my biggest mistake 3 years ago).
I worked and work my ass off (almost literary) keeping up with my panty fetish business which is attracting real panty buyers from all over the planet. 
I still don't make anywhere near $200 per day, no one does, and no one sells their panties for $80 a pop. NO ONE. But  ... but ...  I read on Panty Deal that.... Nope.
But a very good month should be bringing you around $800 if you are doing things right, although these type of months are few and far between.

Panty Trust buyers are by far the most pleasant to deal with, they very rarely send me picture of their cocks but they do expect to be dealt with professionally.
I learned how to take decent photos and market myself adequately, I did all I could to stand out from the crowd and offered something that no other panty seller has, ME.

Panty selling is a popular business, mostly for panty websites cashing in on members subscription and will tell you whatever you need to hear to get you on board, I realize most people don't have $50 and that's why they are selling their used panties to begin with, but take it from me, it's worth every penny if you are willing to learn from people who have been selling their used panties for a lot longer than you.

Crimson, selling used panties since 2016,
Country: USA but UK born.

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