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Hey. I'm Dani. I'm tattooed and pierced in all the right places. I have small, perfectly pert boobs and a big juicy bum! I am a kinky key worker who is so turned on at the thought that my beautiful scented items will be used by someone else. This makes for very well used items

I love wordplay and would love to have an exchange with you through good old fashioned loveletters. I'm new here and would love to start getting to know some of you

Spritzed with perfume is included, masturbation with the letter before sending is an add on I am very happy to talk about

Packages start from £5

Open to other ideas, get in touch


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My email: Email: [email protected]
Price: £5
Country: iconfinder_GB_167794.png
✈️ I ship worldwide
⛽ I only ship domestic
I accept: Amazon Gift Vouchers
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No PayPal
Postage & Shipping: Free UK postage first class, happy to do international for a small fee
Love letters