I'm a Canadian Dominatrix and Kinky Freak who loves setting up pervy exchanges with polite panty fans and submissives

About Me: I'm a Canadian Dominatrix and Kinky Freak who loves setting up pervy exchanges with polite panty fans and submissives

___About Me___

I'm a kinky Canadian woman who has been handing off my panties, socks and other things in kinky exchanges since 2007. I started via the used panty selling scene on Craigslist and then I found Panty Trust and became a volunteer. I'm also a Pro Dominatrix with a bit of a fetish wrestling background so I have experience in several areas related to female dominant fantasies and worship. If you are looking to expand your home experimentation, breathe deep of the scenes of an athletic freak, push your experience with kink, I'm the Panty Goddess for you. I play especially well with Olfactophiles, Submissives, Foot Scent Sluts, Sissies, Scent Sluts, Panty Collectors and kinksters into powerplay, as well as sensory explorative types who love scents and textures, T& D and more.

___What I Sell___

I offer worn panties (thongs, g-strings, boyshorts, briefs, lace, high-waisted, sheer, cotton..), gym socks, work-out wear, pantyhose, assorted personal items, sissy and crossdressing/ genderfuck packages for experimentation, distance training for kink and panty experiments, slave tasks, chastity play and Domination and LOVE sending snail mail. I still have several kinky penpals around the world with long ongoing exchanges. You will find the best prices/ tributes for my underthings online on PantyTrust only, check out my listings! Specialty items beyond that include "travel day" or camping panties, borrowed cream or panty package duos with "sampler" scents from myself and another panty provider.

Types of wear: Some people seeking out panties are focussed on creamy cum, some on a musky sweat scent.  The most common ask is panties work for 24 hrs and some or no extra treatments on top of that. For panties I generally aim for a few scents/ treatments: musky, sweet, creamy, filthy, sharp and those terms will help me get an idea of what you are looking for. Many people aim for 1-2 days wear for a stronger/ more infused scent, and some people want no "regular wear" at all and just cream alone, or filthier.    For socks or stockings, light to heavy to semi- rancid scents are all within reach for me. Pantyhose have foot scent and gusset scents, let me know which you are aiming for when you write. For workout wear that all depends on the type of sweat or sweat "area of origin" that floats your boat, let me know which and I can suggest fabrics or treatments that may produce a better scent swatch.  

____ Shipping + Mailers_____

Parcels + Shipping: All items are vacsealed and packaged in lined beige/ manilla envelopes addressed as noted by you. The only times vacsealing + shipping will vary is when I am on the road or mailing large items such as sweaters, boots or shoes.My parcels are neatly wrapped but not overly personalized for discretion purposes. Default shipping is regular airmail. Airmail shipping is included within Canada for "flat" items. Regular shipping to the US (if not included in the ad is $4USD to the USA).  Express shipping within Ontario (next day) +$10, West Coast Canada +$15 (2-3 days). The rest is calculated at the post office before sending a full quote.

Refund Terms: Refunds are not available. Communication pre-exchange is extremely important to ensure we are on the same page creating something we both love. If something really wacky happens (item destroyed upon arrival, packaging torn with no explanation from the post office) let me know and I'll see what I can do. If you aren't a fan of my scent, that's the reason for you to keep on looking and trying out other panty providers. I do offer (empty) test mailers if you are worried about your address not being on the map before mailing a parcel for $2.

Any other questions drop me a line, Zoe aka the "Contessa"


  • Comment Link Frank Friday, 06 April 2018 15:49 posted by Frank

    Love to buy your stinky pantyhose strong foot sent. Tan with reinforced toe. Worn in a leather boot or shoe. The sweatier and smellier the better. So I can smell your strong scent.

  • Comment Link Kevin @pantyaddicted18 Monday, 28 March 2016 16:51 posted by Kevin @pantyaddicted18

    I made my 1st purchase from the lovely Zoe & was a very happy & excited perv when I received a gift from her in the mail. I bought a pair of panties along with a pair of pantyhose & really enjoyed myself with the 2 items. Miss Zoe was a pleasure to deal with, so don't be shy about contacting this gorgeous lady for some goodies! I enjoyed taking in her scent & tasting her juices, such a heavenly scent & tasted so delicious! I enjoyed wearing both the panties & the pantyhose on my face. I have some pics to prove it that I will send you very soon & you can post them on twitter or your website or both! I'll be back for more later in the year, promise! I can't wait to add more of your items to my collection! A++++ seller & highly recommended!

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