I'm Ally! Love Being a Panty Fetish Girl : )

About Me: I'm Ally, I Love Being a Panty Fetish Girl, I always loved Dirty panties.


I'm Ally! Love Being a Panty Fetish Girl : ) I have always loved dirty panties.  Did not even realize it was a dirty panty fetish until about a over a year ago.  Now I love sharing my dirty panties with others who have the dirty panty fetish.  


This Panty Fetish is my secret life, only one other person is aware that I even sell my dirty panties. I work in a very busy, high profile office environment.  That is why I can never show my face in my pics.    However, having this little secret makes wearing panties for others that much more exciting.  

I'm just your average lady that you may see at the mall or possibly sitting next to at a restaurant. You know when you look at someone and always wonder what kind of underwear they might have on.  You never know that could just be me.  Some of my interests include running, hiking, cooking and reading a good book.  


Ally x

What I Sell 

dirty panties, stockings, Pic sets and Video's.

Payments I accept and shipping terms:

Payments must be made, or other arrangements agreed upon, within 48 hours of your order being received. If you do not hear from me within a reasonable amount of time ( a day or two), feel free to contact me at the same email for the status of your order.I Take Cash, Visa, Master Card Gift Cards. Amazon Gift Cards.
Returns: Due to the nature of the product I am selling, I cannot offer any returns or refunds or exchanges once your item has shipped. Cancellations are only allowed if your selected item is no longer available at the time you place your order. Thank you for your understanding!

I do my best to respond to all orders within 24 hours.

Refunds Policy:
Refunds not accepted I will do my best work through any problems.


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