Genuine panty sellers are debunking used panties selling myths published on magazines & tabloids. "Get real" they say!



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Dealing with time wasters lurking in the used panties fetish community is one of the biggest challenges, their existence is often the reason why new panty sellers quit within a few weeks having earned nothing.

So how much money can a panty seller realistically make?
Once you learned how to dodge time-waters, it depends on your level of commitment, but if you've read Cosmopolitan magazine made up stories or you think you can earn £200 every day, you are dreaming.

Making money selling used panties is not as easy as running a fictional prison sweat shop.

Watermarking your photos is essential to protect your fetish business
Watermarking your photos is essential to protect your work, and let's face it, your photos are as important as your panties because really, that's what panty buyers see first.  A watermark is a nothing more than a logo or a word superimposed on top of your image.
To be efficient it needs to be visible and difficult to be removed, although a subtle transparent mark if more then enough to deter internet thieves. Creating a personal watermark is simple, there are many online software you can use ..... Read more...

Avoid time-wasters lurking in the fetish community
Advice on How to spot a time wasters lurking in the used panties fetish community.
One of the biggest pain on the used panties fetish community, are those seeking free time and stuff from you, with no intention of purchasing any of your panties, ever. Often, these time wasters will disguise themselves as 'Frisky Panty Buyer' or 'Used Panty Addict 123', in an effort to ... Read more...

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