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About Me: Madam Serena | Retired, Award Winning, PinUp Dominant, Fetish Femme.


Hello, I'm Serena or Madam Serena, a retired PinUp Dominant Fetish Femme who's been perving online since 2006.

I joined Panty Trust in 2006, once I become a member, I felt selling used panties was a lot more than just a pass time, indeed it become an addiction. An addiction to the community which has always given me selfless support and advice.

I was crowned Golden Panty Seller in 2008 and even made it to the news, since then my panty-wearing schedule became busier and busier, to the point it has started to demand more than I'm able to give. So sadly I have had to take the decision to stop selling in May 2010.

Be nice xx

If you do it only for the money, it will suck the fun out of it.
If you are doing it to satisfy your fetish, than come and give me a hug!


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