From the UK Hello! My name is Naomi x I am a horny young (ish) woman looking to make a bit of pocket money selling my pants, thongs 

About Me:  Hello! My name is Naomi x  I am a horny young (ish) woman looking to make a bit of pocket money selling my pants, thongs

Hello Boys and probably a few girls? My PantyTrust name from now on is Naomi and I'm from Southern England. 

I am a horny young (ish) woman looking to make a bit of pocket money selling my pants, thongs, bras, socks, tights, and any other bits of clothing I wear for the right price . I'm 35 years old , have 2 kids and miss the days when I danced all night naked and made a lot of money ! I still have a lot of the stuff i wore (or took off) in the strip clubs and it'll all be for sale soon when i get it out of my Mums loft. Meanwhile you'll have to make do with my everyday undies. I love dressing up now and again and hitting the bright lights but I'm just as happy in my t-shirt and joggers with no bra or pants eating Malteasers or Hagan das ice cream straight from the tub !! 

5'7'' tall and slim build with great 32E boobs . Half Asian with thick black hair (on my head) (absolutely NONE anywhere else) Work out and lift weights whenever I can but hate running (its the boobs) 

I have a high sex drive and have always had a strange desire to be a dominatrix. I think I'd really good causing pain if I keep imagining its my last ex hehe  . I'm very shy in real life but very very adventurous in the bedroom . I'll pretty much try anything and let you do anything to me! I've frightened off a few guys who think they've seen and done everything until they met me and just can't keep up :) And yes , before you ask , i love anal - lol! 

I work part time in an office which bores me silly but until I find a sugar daddy I'm stuck there. 

I’m brand new at this and a little scared but also excited . Be gentle with me please x (A bit like the anal i mentioned earlier)! lolol..  

Well?? What are you waiting for ? Tweet me, message me ,  sniff me , email me , want me , look at me , drool over me , find me on twitter , buy my pants!

What I Sell
Worn undies

Played in undies

Worn Socks

Videos well this is a big step!  me playing

Old Shoes

I accept
: Amazon Gift Cards . Monzo. 
My Shipping Terms:
All items sealed instantly for freshness and bagged up in another discreet bag.  Posted Uk 1st class . Tracked and/or signed for is a little bit more but just let me know. My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so just ask x

Worldwide if requested . 

My Refund Policy:

No refunds sorry but I'm sure we can sort something out if there's a problem with my pants but don't be trying it on! x 

My Lost Parcel Policy:

We'll cross that bridge if it happens but someone will get a pleasant surprise or a nasty shock LOL!



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