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 From the USA Hello there! My name is Felicity Aroma. I am newly nineteen years old, and looking forward to a life of fun and adventure.

Hello there! My name is Felicity Aroma. I am newly nineteen years old, and looking forward to a life of fun and adventure.

About me:

Hello there! My name is Felicity Aroma. I am newly nineteen years old, and looking forward to a life of fun and adventure. I am an American college student looking to have some fun and earn a little money on the side. I am studying French - parlez-vous francais? - and majoring in English literature; I want to be a librarian someday! I love the cold, and winter snow is my favorite. I collect sweaters and scarves of all kinds, for all seasons. I would love to move to Alaska or somewhere in the Arctic one day. 

As exciting as college and schoolwork is, I can start having real fun at night. My pulsing ample vagina is always eager to please me and is always looking for the next thrill. I hope you are ready to pleasure yourself over and over again in my scent and enjoying my various other items just for you. ; )

Currently I live in a college dorm with five other roommates, so my schedule is not as regular as I would like it to be. I do reply to messages as soon as possible, and will perform all agreed upon acts promptly. There is a certain pleasurable thrill in satisfying both my and your sexuality while my roommate is sleeping next to me though. 

I decided to join Panty Trust because I have always been such a good girl. I am studying to become a librarian, and was raised in an orthodox Christian household. Now that I’m old enough, I want to explore the world around me and try new things. I have always had a promiscuous, sexual curiosity that I want to harness through this business. My curiosity has led me to experiment with quite a few things recently; with bondage and other fetishes, new toys, lesbian sex, and a hell of a lot of masturbation. If you’re interested in a sweet, strong aroma from a young brunette girl, message me.

I am beginning to organize and manage a show on Chaturbate that I will link to once I have it all ready to go! You will be able to smell all my lovely aromas while you watch me perform all kinds of fun things for your pleasure. My show is shaping up to be very enjoyable indeed. With a variety of toys and wardrobe (and the lack thereof), paired with an endless imagination, you are sure to be satisfied. I sell my worn panties rubbing all the right places and soaking up that delicious scent, socks for the foot lover in you, bras on special occasions (some just hug my breasts too perfectly to keep to myself), a variety of photos including nude pictures, tantalizing positions and whatever your heart desires, videos (I am recording a few currently, and god am I excited for you to see them!), and much much more - don’t be afraid to ask! I am very open to all sorts of requests, all I want is for my guests to be satisfied. I will not show my face, so please do not ask me to.

So please; look around, message me, and enjoy. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing my guests are happy and well taken care of ; )

What I sell:

I will not show my face in pictures or videos, or wearing panties or other clothing longer than three days so please do not ask.

Used Panties - I have quite the collection ready and waiting for you to give them a rub down.
Photos - I have a variety of nude photos, feet pictures, videos, and other tasty treats upon your request.
Used Sex Toys - These will be sold sporadically and come with plenty of other goodies for my lucky guests.

Looking for more?

I am ready to do just about anything for you if it satisfies my guests, just go ahead and ask! No need to be shy, I am always ready to try something new for your pleasure. Once my cam show begins, I will have it linked in my bio, so keep your eyes peeled for that exciting news!

My T&C:

I accept: Amazon vouchers, e-gift cards to other retailers ask for specifics (Killstar, Sephora, Etsy, Target).

My Shipping Terms: Standard shipping in the United States included in posted price, comes with tracking number. International shipping available at a higher cost upon request.

My Refund Terms: If for some reason my guests are unhappy with my items, refunds are accepted up to four days after product was received.

My Lost Parcel Terms: Lost parcels will be reimbursed with proof of loss.

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