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Hi my name is Maya and I am very confident of my sexy body.

About Me: Hi my name is Maya and I am very confident of my sexy body.


Hello <3

Flirty, kinky and fun are the three words I would use to describe myself. I've been described as 'someone who lights up the room'. I'm a single woman looking to express my sexuality. The idea of looking like the innocent next door neighbor while secretly being naughty online turns me on!

I work full time doing data entry but in my free time I enjoy cooking, gardening, and trying (or failing haha) DIY projects. I like to spend time outside: a walk around the block on my lunch break, playing in the waves at the beach, or going to an outdoor concert all sound amazing to me. At times I can be a little unmotivated or scatterbrained but who doesn't have an 'off' day? I like talking to all my customers and getting to know them a little bit. Our fetishes brought us together so we should talk a little bit before we indulge each other. Please keep in mind that I CAN'T talk all day, while I love selling my dirty panties its something I do for fun. Depending on the day I maybe only be able to answer 1 or 2 emails from you.

I have the up most respect for my customers. I will keep your personal information safe and ship discreetly. I try to respond to emails within a 24 hour period but at the latest it will be 48. When I am dirtying up a pair of panties for you I will email you once a day with an update and pictures (all panty purchases come with 3 pictures for each day of wear).


Age: 24

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 140 lb

Bra: 34B

Size: 5

Hair: Long, Curly and Brown ( on my head and my privates ;) )

Fetishes: Role Playing, Pee Play, and Domination (pegging, humiliation, and feminization). I hope to discover more as I explore my sexuality further


What I Sell:

I sell a variety of physical items: panties, bras, lingerie, shoes, socks, shirts, and leggings. I also offer some digital goodies: picture sets and pre-made videos.


Digital Item:

CONTACT ME BEFORE SENDING PAYMENT!! I want to make sure I can get to your order quickly and create the best product possible.

ALL VIDEOS are sent via project maenad. You do you not have to sign up for an account. I'll send a download link through project maenad. Typically I allow 5 downloads and 28 days before the link expires. If you need more downloads/time just let me know. I use this method to protect my work for being stolen. If you have any questions about project maenad please ask :)

Premade videos are priced at $1 a minute and I round down the time when calculating price. For example a video that is 8 minutes and 45 seconds long I would price at 8 minutes. Depending on the content the price may increase, My premades have a small watermark in the corner.

Custom picture sets are $10 for 15 pictures or $25 for 30 pictures. Just let me know what you want to see and I'll make it happen! I don't hold up paper signs but I am ok with writing on my body with eyeliner. I send the pictures digitally. You can pick between a project maenad download link or for me to attach them to an email. I don't watermark these pictures but I still own the copyright to them.


How To Order:

~Physical Item

Take a look at my classified to see what items I have for sale currently. If I don't have what you're looking for listed in my classified shoot me an email because I might have it. If you're unsure about any add ons you may want to add to the order I can recommend some based off what you think you may like. After we figure out how many days of wear and what add ons are right for you I can quote you a price and tell you when I can begin wearing the item. If I have a queue it may be a few days before I get to your order but I will let you know early during the ordering process what the current queue is. Next send payment from one of my payment methods. Then you can send me your mailing address. When its time for me to wear your order I'll send 3 update pictures everyday to your email.

~Digital Item

Email me and let me know which digital item you're looking for, if I'm taking custom pictures for you I'll let you know what day I can take the pictures.


Payment Terms:


I accept Amazon Giftcards and other giftcards delivered to my email. I also accept cash or gifts send to my P.O. Box and bitcoins.

PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING IN THE OPTION MESSAGE AREA OF THE GIFTCARD. Amazon can suspend my account if I redeem giftcards that say things like "For the dirty thong xoxo". I'll have to ask you to cancel the giftcard and send another if you write a message.

Cash/gift payments have to be received before I will start wearing your item. Please get a tracking number on cash payments, this protects both of us from fraud.

Shipping Terms: 

(US) I ship USPS Priority mail for free. Priority mail includes a tracking number, 2-3 day shipping, and $50 insurance. Once I drop off the package with USPS I have no control over how long the shipping time.

I ship using the 10 x 6 priority mail envelope for small items like panties and a black polybag for larger items like shoes/bras/etc. Usually I print out the postage using Click n Ship but depending on the day I may go to post office and handwrite the address info. I seal the envelope using packing tape to avoid any mishaps during transit. I do not include any notes or write any unnecessary information on the outside of the envelope. Please let me know if you have any questions about how I ship my items :)


 Please contact me for international shipping pricing. Depending on where you're located the price can vary.

Refund Policy: 

I do not accept refunds on physical items. Its important to me that you're satisfied with your purchase so if you're unhappy please tell me why so we can come to a resolution.

I do not accept refunds on digital items. If you're unhappy with a premade video or picture set let me know why and we can try to reconcile the situation.

Lost Parcel Policy:

If USPS is unable to deliver an item due to you giving me incorrect information (wrong address/wrong name) I am not responsible. Please double check your information before you send it to me. Should USPS tracking show that the parcel has been lost then I will redo the panties free of charge, I only ask that you pay the shipping cost on the replacement.


 I (Maya) am the legal owner of this verification page. All the content on this page has been written by me and IS NOT allowed to be copied or used anywhere else.