Miss Kinsey

I'm a pretty mean cook, feline enthusiast, and hopeless romantic

About Me: I work hard, but I play harder.


I am a Midwestern born-and-raised kinkster with alabaster skin and a cloud of red hair. 


In the daylight hours, I'm in crisis management.  My career is amazing, but we have a very high burnout rate. I get asked at least weekly how I can do what I do every day...and I respond with a dark chuckle. We all have our vices - and mine is letting my kinky side fly. When I come home each day, I'm tightly wound and full of sexual energy - the residual effects of endorphins pounding through my veins. I radiate sex pheromones, sometimes for hours before I can release my sexual energy, leaving my panties tantalizingly fragrant. 


Self care is imperative for me, and the best way to process all my stress it to indulge my kinky nature. Sometimes it's as simple as putting on sexy lingerie and masturbating on repeat. Other times it's submitting to my masochistic desires by attending and participating in S&M shows with beautiful Dommes. On occasion it means switching things up and putting on thigh high boots for trampling. I  also hold a deep appreciation for the voyeuristic and exhibitionistic nature of panty selling. Being the keeper of your naughty secrets is deeply gratifying, makes me smile, and helps me stay cool and grounded. You'll never get one shred of judgment from me.


Indulging in your panty fetish should be an experience, not a process. Getting your panties "right" isn't just important to me - it's an art. Your panties need the right amount of my sweet feminine juices and just the right amount of time to reach the optimum saturation for the level of scent you desire.


It starts with keeping myself healthy and eating clean foods and no processed junk or sugar, plus drinking plenty of water, so that my scent is 100% me. I typically shower daily and use a custom blend of coconut oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter to moisturize, so you won't get any weird lotion scents.


I'm also very energetic and love staying active. Typical activities include running, yoga (ashtanga, vinyasa, or heated), and pole dance fitness - that builds serious strength!


If you're ready to experience my panties, email me and let's talk about details. I typically answer emails within 24 hours.


What I Sell:
Bras and Lingerie 
Used Panties

My focus will always be on panties! Panties run for $25 unless otherwise noted. However, I will be expanding into foot fetish items soon!

If you have something particular in mind that you don't see listed, email me! I have over 110 pairs of panties in stock right now, and it's virtually impossible to keep my online inventory updated.  I'm happy to do a custom order. 

I will include 3-5 photos wearing the item with every purchase, just for your eyes! 

I do not offer videos at this time, please do not ask.

I do not offer pussy pops. Sugar isn't good for the body, and it really isn't healthy for my pussy. 


Payment Terms:
I accept payment primarily in the form of Amazon Gift Cards, but will accept gift cards to Target and Etsy. No Paypal, sorry!

Let me know if you're interested in a cash/mailed payment option - I may get a PO box soon. 

Shipping Terms:

Shipping is contingent upon receipt of payment.

Tracking is always included! I ship First Class for free in the United States,Priority Mail available for an additional $4. Extra costs for shipping outside the United States, email/message me with your destination city for an international shipping quote! 

Your customized panties will be fully dried prior to packaging to prevent spoilage, unless otherwise requested. All panties are wrapped in parchment paper and sealed in two plastic bags to ensure freshness upon delivery. They'll be discreetly packaged in a nondescript bubble mailer and will include a sweet little note from me.  

Refund Policy: Due to the nature of the items in transaction, I am unable to provide refunds. If you are unhappy with your product, please contact me and we will work together to ensure you're satisfied. 

Lost Parcel Policy: I include the free tracking for both your safety and mine. If the tracking shows the item delivered, you'll need to contact the Post Office to resolve the issue. If the tracking shows the item is lost in transit, contact me and we'll work together to ensure that you're happy.