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Rose Carter

Rose Carter

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Hello to all you fantastic Panty Trust customers! March is my birthday month, and I'm planning on celebrating it in style. For the whole month of March I'll be offering a huge 20% off all my listed items. That's my gorgeous worn panties, dirty socks, used stockings and tantalising photos at a fraction of the normal cost.

Picture the scene, a woman in her early thirties, fairly newly single, glass of wine in hand (indulge me, this won’t take long, I promise). Bored of the seemingly endless dating app messages comprising of ‘heyyyyy’ and not much else she’s mindlessly scrolling through the internet, when an article grabs her eye… someone selling their panties for $1000 a piece!

Sunday, 18 November 2018 00:31

Rose Carter

I've been a lover of a nice pair of knickers for many years, & am excited at the prospect of getting to share mine with others.