From the USA I'm Ares. I'm nonbinary (him/her) and I started testosterone this year. I consider my gender and expression fluid. 

About Me: I'm Ares. I'm petite, nonbinary, and very hairy. 

Hi, my name is Ares!

I'm nonbinary (him/her) and I'm started testosterone this year. I consider my gender and expression fluid. Getting to mix different parts of femininity and masculinity together is fun for me. Plus, I love the idea of having you and an audience watch as my hairy clit starts to grow little by little.

Getting more active was one of my New Year's resolutions and I've been sticking to it! So you're guaranteed a sweaty, well worn panty. Going out on trails and biking are a great time to just let my mind wander while heat gets my bra and panties drenched in sweat. When I'm home though, I like to spend my time looking up new baking recipes, listening to music & movie commentaries, and catching up on soccer. Between these hobbies, I always find time to pleasure myself until I'm satisfied. Taking testosterone has definitely made my sex drive go up at times and my wet panties can prove that!

I don't consider myself submissive because I absolutely love being in charge. I'm authoritative but caring though. I like good boys who follow my lead and giving praise and rewards in return.

32-34 C / Foot Size 8 / Dress Size 6-8

What I Offer:



Socks & Tights


What I Don't Offer:

Photos showing my face

Photos involving penetration

 Acceptable Payment Only:

US Amazon Vouchers

E-Gift Cards to a store of my choice

Item Wear starts after I confirm with you that I received your payment.

No PayPal

Shipping Terms:

After wear, each item goes straight into a sealed ziploc bag and plain bubble envelope. All items will be shipped immediately unless there's any delays which I'll notify you on. Each item has the price of USPS Shipping included in the price unless I say otherwise in the ad. I do ship International so please ask me for a quote!

Refunds & Returns:

I do not accept returns but if you're dissatisfied, please contact me so I can work out a solution to make the situation better.

Lost Parcel Policy:

Each U.S. Parcel will have a tracking number that I'll give to you so if your item does end up being delayed or lost, please contact USPS first. 

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