Friday, 10 July 2015 23:07

Aaliyah’s sexy summer sale!

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News:  Aaliyah’s sexy summer sale!

Summer is finally here and I'm loving the weather so much, the less clothes the better in my opinion...
My panties are getting extra wet and sweaty in this heat, I have to change them much more frequently after my daily workouts and stuffy days in the office at work. Sometimes it’s just more comfy to sneakily take them off, put them in my handbag and go au naturel for the rest of the day! Summer always brings out my naughty side, my libido always seems to increase and I’m always hornier than ever, I just want to be touched so badly…

Because I’m getting through so many pairs it seems a waste to let all their luscious scent and juices go to waste in the wash every day, that is why I am offering ‘buy 1 pair, get £5 off the 2nd pair.’ All of my panties are £15 including UK delivery (worldwide is a small charge) and you can pick/ request any pair that you please, I am open to suggestions.

So for a little extra you can have 2 pairs of my delicious panties or thongs, worn for 24hrs each and to suit your personal sexy needs! Please check out my classifieds and message me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any more details or questions you may have. Hope you enjoy the sunshine :) xx