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I'm a sub at heart. Just don't expect me to submit so easily.    

About Me: I'm a sub at heart. Just don't expect me to submit so easily.    

I'm a hard-working girl who loves a challenge. Whether it's at work, at the gym, online, or in bed. Don't let my competitive spirit fool you, I'm a sub at heart. Just don't expect me to submit so easily.  I also have a serious weakness for soft and textured clothes. Silk, cottons, leather.  It's all so soothing, I sometimes get lost in the feeling.  Probably doesn't help that I have a thing for over-stimulation.

Most of the items I sell will be shoes, socks, and pantyhose/leggings.  I post maybe 2-3 used panties/bras per month, so be sure to get those quick.  They're a rare and lovely treat indeed.  Everything will be sealed in a ziplock bag, locking in the scent you so desire.  I'm open to requests from customers who've purchased items from me before.  Those may be specific items, brands, or perfumes; but only for those I have a rapport with.  If you'd like more information on what sort of add-ons I do and the cost, just email me.    

My signature perfume is AT LAST, it's not a common perfume but I can tell you it smells delicate and heavenly.  I'll only spritz your item if you request it, perfumes are very personal and not everyone has the same preferences.  I regularly use cocoa/shea butter to keep my skin soft and scented.  

Bras and Lingerie: 34C/M   Pantyhose/Leggings: M   Panties: M   Shoes: 7.5/8

All clothing items are pre-washed with allergen and fragrance free detergent. A guarantee that all delectable scents are my own.

Do NOT ask for any personal details, images with my face, or videos.  We're here to remain anonymous; I won't be asking for your personal details, so don't ask for mine.

What I Sell:

Bras and Lingerie
Used Panties
PantyHose and Leggings
Socks and Foot Fetish items

Payment Terms:

Amazon or gift vouchers only.

No PayPal, no cash, and no checks.

Your item will not be worn until after payment is received.  

Payment must arrive within 2 days after your order is placed.  If you have not emailed me detailing why it has been delayed (emergency, holiday, etc.), your order will be cancelled.  No exceptions.

Shipping Terms:

I ship only to buyers in the US or US territories. I do not do international shipping.  

Free shipping except for orders containing 3+ items or shoes; there will be a $5 to $15 charge on such orders.  You may upgrade your shipping if you wish, the price varies by address.  

The return address is false, so please do not attempt to return to sender.

Refund Policy:

All sales are final. There are no refunds or replacements.

Lost Parcel Policy:

An item of equal value will be sent only if the parcel was lost as a result of an error made by USPS.