Delicious #dirtysocks, sweaty #usedsocks inside my leather boots, do you want to check their aroma? Come closer...

Worn for 2 days + Light workout

Extra day worn (2 days are already included in the price): 10€
Played in (rubbed on my pussy and orgasm): 10€

I will send you an audio file via email, telling my dirty thoughts and adventures... Or share with me what your fantasy is and I will tailor a story for you.
My imagination can go wild. I want to be bitten, I want to bite, I want to be flogged, I want to flog... I want to roar and run and play like a wild animal and tease like the most sophisticated naughty lady ;-)
I'm delighted to send new costumers a short tempting demo ;-)

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Price: 18 €
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DeepPurple Nylon SocksDeepPurple Nylon Socks