Does Panty Trust Ever Refuse Sellers a Membership?

Our goal is to promote trust and fair business practices as well as assessing that applicants can demonstrate eloquence and professionalism.

If an issue is noticed during the verification process, the applicant is made aware of the issue and provided an explanation and assistance on how to fix the problem so that she can provide the best experience to buyers.

Once remedied, the applicant is happily accepted into Panty Trust. Truly bad or fraudulent sellers tend to avoid us so they are not usually an issue. However, yes, on rare occasions, we have had to refuse a membership to an applicant if we feel their level of professionalism does not meet our buyers expectations.

We take every application very seriously, when we refuse a membership it is because something has been found in an applicant's sales history and/or business practices that is so out of line with honest and fair business practices, and so dangerous to buyers that it is something that cannot be corrected.

A majority of active members must vote against granting membership to an individual for us to issue the final decision.

If you consider the difficulty that a jury of volunteers has in reaching a decision, you can appreciate that if several members voted to refuse a seller a membership, the problem was so significant that we could not, in good conscience, recommend the applicant to buyers.


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