How Did Panty Trust Get Started? Why Was It Needed?

Panty Trust started at the end of 2000 - beginning of 2001 in the early days of selling on the internet.
It was initially just a thread in the forum area, and later a forum club called "Club Used Bras and Panties", of one of the first auction sites started for selling adult goods and panties.

At that time, selling used lingerie on the internet was a new concept. Since standards and expectations had not been developed or considered yet, fraud, cheating, and scams were very prevalent. Even the sellers who were genuine were often hit or miss in delivering the items buyers were purchasing.

A group of fetish buyers began to discuss creating a list to share in the forum of sellers who, based upon their transactions with the seller, were reliable, friendly, honest, truthful, and fair.

Several sellers in the forum at the time appreciated the fact that buyers complaining of getting scammed was bad for the business of all sellers. These sellers joined the group of buyers, and Panty Trust was formed.

Panty Trust (Club Used Bras and Panties) continued on informally in forum area for a time, however, as the used panties market continued to grow with new sales sites and sellers beginning to create their own, independent, individual websites for selling, the club members found that sellers and buyers wanted to expand the concept of trusted sellers beyond the single adult auction site where it started.

In 2003, the group decided to create their own formal organization that would be independent of sales venue to allow it to serve buyers and sellers of used panties regardless of where they bought and sold.

The group came up with the name Panty Trust, created a website, developed criteria for membership, and the  organization was officially born. Since the early days as a simple thread in a forum, we have continued to grow and changes and improvements along the way have been voted on and implemented by its members.

The original desires of the founding members though has always, and will always, remain the focus of the organization - to provide a safe and satisfying transactions for worn panty buyers and sellers.

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