What Does Panty Trust Verify? and Why Does Panty Trust Verify their members?

When a member joins Panty Trust, Panty Trust does verify that they are indeed a real person, Panty Trust also verifies that the member has demonstrated outstanding professionalism and time keeping, a good knowledge of customer service, as well having clean selling history, and understanding ethical business practices.

Our verification and monitoring does not end when a seller's membership is approved, it continues indefinitely for as long as the seller is a member of Panty Trust.

To guarantee that our members meet this organization expectations, and to reduce potential financial loss, Panty Trust membership are only ever granted to independent female fetish sellers who have proven to understand the importance of our Code of Conduct, and therefor are committed to promote ethical and professional selling.

Personal Websites Verification are at discretion of Panty Trust and will only be considered after 3 months from becoming a member.

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