What Does Panty Trust Do With the Item Sent in By Applicants?

This along with: "Does Panty Trust sniff, fondle, etc. the panties sent in?" are among the most frequently asked of Panty Trust. The answer is not all that exciting.
When an applicant for Panty Trust membership mails in her item, she mails it to another Panty Trust member/seller who volunteers to accept items in her area of the world.

The receiving member is a female panty seller, not a male buyer. Truthfully, in many cases, the member receiving the item prefers not to even handle the item, let alone use it in a sexual manner. Therefore, Panty Trust requests that the item sent in be sent in clear Ziploc-type baggie, preferably cleaned.

This allows the member to verify that the item matches the item in the applicant's photo without having to open/handle the item. Once verified, the item is put in the trash or sent back to the applicant if requested.  This is why Panty Trust always encourages applicant's to send an inexpensive item without spending a lot of time "preparing" it.

It is a simple visual check by someone who has no interest in it otherwise.


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