I simply love wearing beautiful lingerie for work and play

About Me: I simply love wearing beautiful lingerie for work and play



I'm 5"5 and 113lbs with long dark hair, blue eyes and luscious juicy full lips. I have a fantastic athletic body, I'm a real gym bunny, I love working up a sweat as I catch the guys checking me out from the corner of my eye.......it's a massive turn on ;) The attention I get from guys when I'm out and about is amazing, turning heads wherever I go!! I've lost count of the lovely comments I get for my physique and I've been told by many that my ass is amazing!

Wearing sexy lingerie for work and play, hidden away under my clothing is my very own dirty little secret, I adore the way the soft fabric feels against my delicate skin, it makes me feel so hot and horny all day. It really turns me on and gets my juices flowing just thinking about how much pleasure a lucky boy will have playing with my dirty, filthy panties. This is a fetish for me too! the amount of love, passion and care I put into each and every order really shows in every discrete package I post. 

Every pair of deliciously dirty panties are worn for a minimum of 24 hours solid and cum with 3 photos of me wearing your item, lots of naughty customisation options available. You can even choose how you'd like your item packaged making it a truly customised order! If you have something special you'd like.............just ask :) All requests considered, I love to please my boys. 

My sexy nylons and socks, panty and bra sets, super sexy photo's, delicious pussy pops and many many more extra naughty items are available on my website. Extra photos and Custom photo sets are available from as little as £8. 

Check out my website, if you want something that's not listed just drop me a line. I have lots of items that are not advertised from shoes to dresses, workout gear to the small towel I take to the gym with me to mop up that sweat, toothbrushes and bath sponges :) If you want it, I've probably got it..........ask and thou shalt receive. 

I just want to say a big thank you for taking the time to read through my profile, I hope to hear from you soon, just drop me an email or contact me via my website, I'll be waiting for you ;) 

What I Sell:
Bras and Lingerie
Used Panties
Pantyhose and Stockings
Socks and Foot Fetish items

Payment Terms: I accept bank transfer (UK only) this is very easily done via internet/telephone banking or over the counter at any branch.
Unfortunately PayPal is not an option :( your chosen payment method will agreed upon during the ordering process. 

Shipping Terms:  For the time being I'm only posting to my UK boys but it's still free of charge.If i start posting overseas again I'll update this to let all you naughty boys know :) 

Refund Policy: Unfortunately refunds are not possible due to the nature of the sale HOWEVER I will do everything within my power to resolve any problems.

Lost Parcel Policy: I always retain proof of postage, however should a package go astray I will Do everything i can to resolve the situation


  • Comment Link WC Tuesday, 25 September 2018 14:33 posted by WC

    What is your website ? Would like to look at photos before buying.

  • Comment Link RexHarbour Tuesday, 07 August 2018 16:15 posted by RexHarbour

    Hi Angel can we start out panty contract again . Rex

  • Comment Link Bannon Friday, 08 April 2016 08:01 posted by Bannon

    Panties by Grace has been a thrilling ride, eMailing Grace has always been rewarded by a convivial response dipped with a little sauce and great fun. I pointed out the truth that my heart leapt when I saw a mail in the mailbox, then marvelled at the treats within. Thank you Grace.

    The system Grace employs is second to none, an easy online transaction from a tantalisingly great looking website, with sizzling pictures from a wide array of knickers to suit each taste hooks you into desperately wanting to make a choice then and there, with dropdowns to select your particular desires. I went for the simple 24 hours wear, which were sexual agony in the wait that I would not have missed for the world, within which the wonderful Grace sent in regular updates of her time in my purchased knickers that dazzled my mind – it was quite electrifying!

    Happy to please, Grace took regular shots from differing angles and different lighting – for me the most entertaining were the ones from her work which had that wonderful “Readers Wives” kind of appeal that left me gagging for more – and sent them into my mailbox with generous regularity and conversation.

    The day of arrival was cintillating, Grace's care and attention goes way way beyond the cost of the product, seems almost like Grace has set up a company to facilitate an open market need, not a modest money making enterprise!

    Simply put, would I go through this time again?

    As soon as I come down from this high – ABSOLUTELY!

    Thank you Grace

  • Comment Link Mark Saturday, 26 March 2016 06:36 posted by Mark

    Grace is the best girl I've bought from. Friendly, professional and delivers a top notch service.

    Can't recommend her enough.

  • Comment Link Ed Monday, 26 October 2015 12:05 posted by Ed

    My second order of panties arrived last week and let me just say holy f**k, my dingaling has nearly fallen of I just can't get enough I went for white cotton classics and in no way shape or form did they disappoint. The customisation so went for were as follows.
    48hrs worn
    Played in
    Pee scented
    Pussy stuffed
    I do believe I've found the perfect pantie concoction! As with my previous order Grace was amazing, friendly, kind just perfect. I cannot fault this pantie angel her pics are so hot it's a good job I wear a belt is all I can say. Upon arrival I could get them open quick enough but I do have my own little ritual that I must abide to so after what seemed lik an age reading the card carefully opening the purple wrapping paper and slowly opening the ziplock bag I gently take them out take off the preserve paper and to my amazement I put them to my nose dingaling in hand and wow I notice these perfect panties are still moist oh god I thought Pantie sniffing has just hit it's peek I inhaled deeply and away we went and I haven't stopped since I'm not one for licking the gusset but these were begging to be licked so I did absolutly heavenly I'm just praying my dingaling won't fall off before I get the chance to order another pair of Grace "Pantie Angel" Winters panties. Grace you are awesome keep doin' what you do we all love it!

  • Comment Link Ed Friday, 11 September 2015 09:28 posted by Ed

    Grace is the best Pantie seller around, I know this is a bold statement but it the truth. She is kind, polite, and naughty the perfect combination and as you can see from her photos she is super hot too. Grace got back to my emails almost very quickly every time she kept me informed exactly what my panties were doing and she made me feel really happy I'd chosen her to buy from her panties are sooo delicious and beautifully scented it's hard to put them down. Grace is an angel with heavens scent treat her like one guys you won't be sorry....

  • Comment Link Darren Sunday, 30 August 2015 09:45 posted by Darren

    Grace is just fantastic and so are her panties I have bought 2 pairs so far.
    She is a very creamy lady as you will see from the gusset when you open your package.
    The package is very discreet when it arrives but once opened you will understand just how much love has gone into making those panties special. The vacuum packaging keeps them fresh until you break the seal.
    She is very professional and easy to talk to, a real gem

  • Comment Link Dan Sunday, 23 August 2015 20:14 posted by Dan

    Grace was very friendly,very fast and sent me the best pair of panties ever along with great photos :) highly recommended!

  • Comment Link Simon Sunday, 16 August 2015 04:15 posted by Simon

    Amazing is all i can say!

    From start to finish Grace has been the best girl I've bought from. Needles to say, they won't be my last pair from her.

  • Comment Link Panty Fun Sunday, 30 November 2014 16:39 posted by Panty Fun

    She sent me a beautiful package. It was just full of love and so much detail and effort. She really sends you a bit of herself with her items.
    Tried to see if I get hard with no touch and just by sniffing her panties my junior went so hard that nearly wanted to break some steel cock rings.
    Her dirty panties made me cum with quite an unusual energy... I did paint the whole bathroom floor.. lots of cleaning after but damn it was worth it :))
    Loved every bit !!!

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