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 From the USA My name is Karissa, I am a college student looking for fun & exhilarating ways to maintain my independence

My name is Karissa Bra, I am a college student looking for fun & exhilarating ways to maintain my independence

About me:

Hello everyone :D

My name is Karissa Bra and I am BRAND SPANKIN NEW to the Panty Trust community. I am a college student looking for fun & exhilarating ways to maintain my independence ;). I always thought of myself as flirty and sexy, but I never found a way to truly fulfill my sexual fantasies... until now :) It turns me on to give pleasure & be your own personal seductress. I want nothing more than to make my customers happy with my items and services in an empowering and satisfying way. It makes me exxxtemely wet thinking of you receiving my intimate items and I’m happy we can share that lustful experience together. 

I am 5'9, blonde, and athletic. I have been told that my "sexiest" physical feature is my butt & thighs, so if you like a voluptuous lady then I might just be your panty queen :) I am very into fitness and I take pride in my body. Currently in my spare time outside of my studies I teach Pilates classes and practice yoga to keep up my flexibility and strength ;) I am very active and I believe the best things in life make you sweat…hard! On top of that... I have an extremely high sexual appetite and I'm using this site as another way to explore my sexuality and get that release we all need. I love to touch myself every night and cum envisioning your satisfaction with my panties. Let's have some fun together and allow me to show you my naughty side ;) I'm usually pretty quiet until someone ignites my fire... then I enjoy being a little freak in the sheets... I hope you can keep up!

Since I'm so new to this site... please don't be shy and let me know how I can provide you with the best experience…Sometimes I like to be bossed around a little ;)

What I sell:

Sex Toys
Used Panties

My T&C:

I accept: Amazon vouchers and e-gift cards. We can discuss preferred gift vouchers via email. I do not accept PayPal. 

My Shipping Terms: My items will be shipped using standard 1-2 day shipping from the US. I am willing to ship panties outside of the US, but expect an additional $10 surcharge to account for postage costs. I will keep you updated on shipment status and tracking.

My Refund Terms: Do to the personal and intimate nature of these items, refunds will not be accepted. However if you are not satisfied with an item we can discuss a mutually beneficial solution via email. I want all my customers to be happy :)

My Lost Parcel Terms: If items are lost in the mail or undelivered due to shipment error, a new item will be sent.

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