Genuine panty sellers are debunking used panties selling myths published on magazines & tabloids. "Get real" they say!

Coming soon... Hi I'm Malenka, I'm new at this and I think it's very exciting.

About Me

Hello I'm Malenka, a 23 yo girl from Ukraine, but currently living in Italy. Unfortunately i do not speak English so i need the help of a translator, but fear not, I'm trying to learn and anyway, panties are international! ;) I'm an exhibitionist and all about sex and sexuality are interesting to me.
I 'd love to have a fan-base willing to have my used panties.

What I Sell:
Panties, bras, high thighs, stockings, nylons, socks, shoes

Payments and shipping terms:
all items have a "basic" status, meaning they will be worn for 24 hrs and will have a fixed price. for other options and requests there will be an extra. items are vaccum sealed the moment after i take them off and ready for shipment. each buy comes with 3 kinky HD pics that will be sent via mail. even in this case if you want other kinds of pics and or videos feel free to ask so we can put it toghether.
amazon and or itunes gift cards are always welcome. i use standard shipping from italy, but in case you can't wait i'll try to arrange a faster way but it will cost a bit more. 

Refunds Policy:
no refunds due to the nature of the items.

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