Genuine panty sellers are debunking used panties selling myths published on magazines & tabloids. "Get real" they say!

Israel Blake

Nature Loving, Panty Selling, Curvaceous, Mischievous, Jewish Panty Seller!.

About Me: Nature Loving, Panty Selling, Curvaceous, Mischievous Lady. I can't wait to work out ALL your kinks!

Hello Babes!! If you like short, plus-sized, submissives, you're in the right place!

I am Israel. A Nature Loving, Curvaceous, Mischievous, Jewish Panty Seller! I am only 5 foot four inches. I have big icy blue eyes and LONG, curly, brunette hair. I am a very curious soul, so you can decipher that I'll try just about anything! It is my mission to make sure that all your kinkiest kinks are being fulfilled! I will try my best to assist you with them. 

I am fluent in three different languages; English, Hebrew, and Spanish. I love to travel. I have almost been to all 50 states!! I have two kitties; Quill and Banner! Yes, I am a Marvel Nerd!! I play the piano, guitar, clarinet, alto saxophone, and much more!

My favourite kink is being tied down and use in anyway my partner pleases! There is something about giving up ALL control that makes my panties wet. (Which works out in your benefit.) I am SUPER EXCITED to start sharing my items/services with you!! I am 100% sure that you'll love me and my thick booty!! Contact me via E-Mail or Twitter, so we can work out all the kinks ;) XOXO


What I Sell:
Used Panties
Bras and Lingerie
Used Sex Toys

I accept
Amazon Vouchers or Visa Gift Vouchers 

Shipping Terms:
Once the payment has been received, you will receive your item in at least 5 days!
Free Ground Shipping with Every USA Purchase. If needing "priority" shipping, it will be $10 per order. 
All Parcels are packaged in a very discrete packaging!! 

Refund Policy:
In the event that you are not 100% satisfied with your product, I will fully refund your purchase and offer you a different product free of charge!

Lost Parcel Policy:
In the event that your package does not reach you, I will fully refund you the money OR you may pick out a different product of equal or lesser value.



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