Genuine panty sellers are debunking used panties selling myths published on magazines & tabloids. "Get real" they say!

My name is Lita Hughes and I love the thought of being able to share my used panties with you.

About Me: My name is Lita Hughes and I love the thought of being able to share my used panties with you.

Sexy MILf hoping to help fulfill your kinks and desires! It's Lita and I love the thought of being able to unleash your imagination and grant tantalizing fantasies for you. I'm just your average sexy, swinging, milf next door. I enjoy running in my spare time, everything Star Wars, and tweeting with all my friends and followers on Twitter. I'm usually more submissive, but can be dominate in the right situation. 

I get very turned on by a man's intelligence, smart=sexy.  The Henry Rollins and Anthony Bourdain's of this world make my panties DROP!!

"Ladies, gentlemen and those who have yet to make up their minds" ~ Kinky Boots

Come and play with me!!

What I Sell:
Bras and Lingerie
Used Panties
PantyHose and Stockings
Socks and Foot Fetish items
Photos (Full nude)
SKYPE sessions


Want to make your dreams come true? Tell me all the fun things I can do to make it happen. 

I can be your Princess and keep things saintly. We can keep things fresh, clean, sweet, and pure.

Or, I can be a Queen and focus on all of your sins. We can get dirty, soiled, stained, grimy, smutty, crude and indecent.

Pick your pick your poison and send me your suggestions.

I rarely say "NO"

If you need ideas I would LOVE to create a surprise package for that special someone.


How to order:

Email me!! 

It's really that simple.

Who would have thunk you could just type: "Hey Lita, I'd like you to hop on your giant black dildo and take a few photos in that hot little red corset in your profile picture"  

I'd be all "Hey Joe, that sounds like a great way to top off my 6 mile workout. Send me an Amazon gift voucher for $20."

Then you do what I ask, so then I do what you ask...

Payment Terms: Amazon gift cards are my ideal form of exchange.  
No PayPal

Shipping Terms:
Tangible items are shipped in plain packaging to remain discrete. I can always smack FRAGILE in giant red letters on your package and you can pretend it's the box with the leg lamp in it from "A Christmas Story."

Just let me know what works best for you.

USA customers ONLY for shipped items ~ I know some super amazing hotties in Canada and Australia if you need some love in those Countries.

Refund Policy:
In the age of technology there can be miscommunication with your desires and your actual order. If there are any issues please notify me ASAP so we can work together on a solution. 

Lost Parcel Policy

Stuff gets lost in the mail. We're not perfect. Technology isn't perfect.

I am not responsible for "lost" items. That's St. Anthony. Shoot him a prayer and maybe he'll help you out.

Please let me know if something hasn't reached you. We're adults. I'm sure we can figure something out.


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